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I am selling my 2005 Synergy Zero Wind Great Deca Indoor Quad Kite. It has never been flown and is in perfect new condition. It is my understanding that Guildworks is either no longer making these or at the least it is very difficult to get one. When I purchased mine back in 2005, I had to wait over six months for delivery. I am taking offers at this time. Look for my other listings on this site for a Synergy Deca 15 (new condition, test flown twice, and same year), as well as these other kites that are also in new condition. I have a Benson Airbow quad kite, a Revolution Indoor quad kite, a White Bird Firebird single line kite and a White Bird dragon single line kite.

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I regret selling my Great wind deca,

I'd be interested in a replacement, can you give me a ring sometimes soon?

301- 402- 2624 is the office number

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    • By ACrop
      Rain, rain go away but leave the breeze for today...
      So it wasn't the rain that sent me to roll up my lines today, it was the massive roll of thunder that announced the predicted change from grey and gusty to thunderstorms that was the nudge I needed.  However, before I gave in I found myself contemplating "if the sail gets wet, it must get heavier.  I wonder how much the wind range is impacted by the sail being wet?"  Anyone got advice on how many more mph of windspeed is needed to keep a sail up when it goes from dry to wet?  Just curious, the wind I get is frequently light enough that I am struggling to stay aloft - making skill building hard.  Wondering if staying out in the (non-thunderstorm) showers is worth trying out or if borderline wind + wet wieght= no flight for me.
      Also, is there a secret "bring on the wind but not the rain/thunder" ritual or dance that I can learn?  Don't get me wrong, I ain't complaining - I got a full 10 minutes with my full vent sail the other day before switching back to the standard.  Not bad for an inland field round here.
    • By John Barresi
      You can subscribe to notifications for my live feed of you're on Facebook.
    • By Airfx
      I have an Echo light wind dual line kite for sale. Very little air time on it and a very crisp sail. It is practically brand new. Into the Wind sells them for $140. I would just like $100 including shipping to the US. Includes sleeve. Ask if you have questions. 

    • By Paul LaMasters
      Sorry to ask this question,..
      where's the best place to unload a couple of great kites that I don't even carry anymore?
      Race frames on both, french bridle on 1 and the 1point6 bridle on the other (they were used with four kite comparison testing sessions), magic sticks on both, SUL leading edge sleeves, some wear, but no sail damage of any kind.
      They have been greatly loved and cared for, now someone else needs a turn.
    • By Mark Sullivan
      Hi Guys,

      I was going through my grandpa's old kites awhile ago and I found a really cool quad called a Synergy Deca by Guildworks. The problem is that this quad is the most confusing kite I have ever seen. Problems with putting it together are made worse by the fact that I'm pretty sure half the spars are missing/broken.
      I really want to build and fly this kite. I've written to GuildWorks (who apparently builds big fabric art awnings now) with no reply. I've scoured the internet but I can't find anyone that actually has this early model kite, and while there are some other GuildWorks kite videos out there, each GuildWorks kite seems to be uniquely complicated in construction (in this model there are just as many tangled lines as there are spars) and no one focuses on this model.
      I'm looking for anyone that can help with any of the following
      1) original build instructions
      2) assembly video or online resource
      3) spar list and dimensions of spars so I can get replacements
      Thanks for reading,
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