Axl Ferraro

Selling Northshore radicals Ultra light, Standard and Vented :-)

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Red and Grey Ultralight Northshore radical, all with ultralight spars.

£120 Each. - 2 left.

Red and Grey standard Northshore radical, complete with TOTL spars.

£120 - 2 left.

Multi colored Northshore radical Vented complete with TOTL spars.

£120 - 3 left.

All North shores are in excellent condition. They each have in depth photos of them so you can see for yourselves.

One Big Easy Most Excellent Flying Machine. All the way from New Orleans. Sold

A kite made in the 90's. Ultra light Yellow, black, orange, red, pink. Mint condition. £170 No Offers. Brand new they used to be £250+.

The best looking kite around.

All including post and packaging. (Only UK).

I cannot upload pictures as they are too large.

E-mail me for photos instead.


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