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Picture perfect tricks ! at ~0:20-0:25 you did a perfect demonstration of the trick I've been working on for a while. I think seeing it done like that from that angle is going to help me finally get it. It helped me understand it better. Now, if I could just figure out the entry to the Tazs & Slots... I'd be a happy guy.

Beautiful flying, and those colors are striking.


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    • By Happyspoon
      Hi all!
      Just wondering what the smallest kite you've flown (with success) for trick flying was? I don't think I've found videos of anyone tricking anything as small as a micron but they have to be somewhere right? 
      I'd love to hear your stories!
    • By Happyspoon
      Hi! I've been learning the basics of dulies on a $20 Amazon kite (here, silly video and  I'm not doing any tricks but at least you can see the kite!). It was a great purchase and I'm now totally hooked on flying. 
      I can usually side and snap stall and axel it and I am pretty sure I'm at the point where I'm not going to immediately trash a proper stunt kite, and would love to upgrade. I'm on a pretty darn right budget at the moment though.
      I think I can squeeze some more experience out of this kite (I can get it on its back so maybe a lazy Susan or something). However, if anyone has a step up for (ideally) less than $100 CAD (I am in Victoria , BC) I'd love the chance to try a previously loved kite
      I've don't tonnes of research on kites but haven't flown any OPKs so it is hard to compare proper stunt kites to this little one. As long as the kite isn't too huge I'm sure I'll love it to death!
      Thanks for reading!
    • By John Barresi
      Another in the ongoing series of Kitelife Magazine tutorials for using Revolution quad line kites, this one detailing the inputs and approach used for executing the Flic Flac maneuver.

      Flic Flacs are a lot of fun and serve as an excellent tool for developing your timing and hand speed as well.

      NOTE: A reliable (and free) cross-platform video player is VLC, which should work with any file format including MKV.

      English Subtitles: Rev Tutorial - Flic Flac Spanish Subtitles: Rev Tutorial - Flic Flac Dutch Subtitles: Rev Tutorial - Flic Flac Hungarian Subtitles: Rev Tutorial - Flic Flac French Subtitles: Rev Tutorial - Flic Flac
    • By PAW

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