Video: Duende 2.2 Std - Jorge Gouverneur

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Name: Duende 2.2 Std - Jorge Gouverneur

Category: Dual Line

Date Added: 19 December 2013 - 06:10 PM

Submitter: jegouv

Short Description: J.Ls with 1.5 Lazy Susan

Kite: Duende 2.2

Wind: 10-15+ mph.

This kite has 4 stand-offs. The standard position is with the slightly longer ones on the outside. For this video I switched them with the shorter ones towards the outside. I feel it tricks better but it has less precision.

I really like this kite. It can do yo-fades, Taz Machines, crazy copters without compromising fades back-spins 360s 540s the half axles and cascades are a little difficult to perform.

I got this kite because wanted to learn more radical tricks. With this kite I learned to do: yo-fades, Taz Machines, crazy copters and now JLs with 1.5 Lazy Susans

I would recommend this kite if you already are skilled with Slack Line tricks and want to take it to the next level.

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