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Hello Everyone,

I and my son are learning to fly more than one stunts at a time. The stunts we have are for strong winds, with heavy pull making it difficult to fly kite with each hand and do tricks.

Can any one suggest good light wind, highly responsive and strong dual line kite that we can use for team flying too. thanks in advance

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I can see from the photos you posted that you have full-sized kites. The smaller kites will pull less in strong wind, and those which are called "ultralight" can be flown in lighter wind. I won't suggest any specific kite to you, there are others here who are more knowledgeable about dual line flying. I'm sure someone will suggest exact models for you.

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My both of above stunts in the picture make a good fast right circle , but a slow left circles any tips to make both circles of same speed.?

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Check to be sure that both lines are of equal length, and that all bridle leg lengths are equal to their mirror image on the other side, left and right. Check sail tension on both sides and adjust so both sides are equal. Suspend the kite at the center and if one side hangs lower than the other, add weight to equalize. Check the flex of the rods, replace if necessary. All components on one side should match the other as exactly as possible.

Fly the kite after each adjustment is made to see if it made a difference.

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Very nice, and stylish kite. May it fly better than any other!

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From my own multiple kite flying experience, with many trials and errors, I too had difficulty in finding the "right kite" with as little pull as possible and still offer good precision with slow to moderate speed. Most full size kites will have considerable pull and might not be the best option to hone your skills on. That been said, it also depends on your wind conditions. In low winds under 8mph, a full size ultra light will have manageable pull and not be too overpowering. Ideally you would want a SUL or UL for those very low ind days and and standard kite for winds from 8mp up to 15 mph. When it gets to 15mph and above, the pull becomes tremendous on a full size kite therefore a vented kite would be a better option in this wind range.

My advice would be to get a pair or 3 decent reputable beginner kites (something like the Beetle) although on the smaller side, it is VERY durable and will definitely speed up your learning curve as they are faster than full size kites, so it will keep you on your toes and bring you endless hours of enjoyment.

Once you can master them and feel comfortable with the pull they generate, you will be better adapted to try your hand at a larger stronger pulling kite.

Some multiple kite flyers can fly stacks of 20 kites from each hand with tremendous pull. It CAN be done!

Good Luck and safe flying.

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