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Addiction mods Ive done..

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I have a premier addiction that I couldnt resist for the price I got it for. When I first took it out, it overrotated nearly ever turn by 90deg then wobbled back, axle's often grab the wingtip no matter how much slack you threw at it, and anything advanced... well forget about it. Oh yeah, the spine broke twice, once during a mild flic flac and second time during a superstart. Must mention premier was rather cool and sent freebies. very nice :wub:

Soooo I began the long processes of modding this thing to get a little more performance out of it. I dont have any pictures yet because I got a bad rod yesterday that split the left lower spreader right down the center of the rod. I think explanation should do, it's simple and cheap.

First thing that was important was to add a thick dacron "bandaid" over the nose. This was for 2 reasons, it desperately needed to be reinforced, and the slight addition of weight helped balance the kite a surprising amount.

Then I replaced the spine with .1960 pultruded graphite. Tried nearly everything under the sun and this gave the best results.

You know that weird lower spreader on the addiction? Well I dont know about you but the spine moved side to side to side constantly.Throwing the kite completely off balance. So, simply replace that single long 5mm rod with .1960 pultruded graphite and a standard 0.196 center-t. I made mine aprox 1" longer (that's 0.5" on each side) than the default to tension the sail slightly more.

The upper spread I tried, once again, just about everything. And the default 5mm worked best.

Now changing the bridle is up to you, I adjusted the connection points above the connectors. Also the adjustment portion (not sure of the correct word) of the brdiel constantly slipped so I added 3 knots to keep adjustments. The second most extreme setting gave sharp, accurate turns for me. If you take a look at it, im sure you can figure out what Im talking about.

I also made a sail modification, but it was completely cosmetic. I didnt like the default colors :)

I had 3 other experiented kitefliers testing with me along the process and took careful notes of each change. This final is the consensus of top performance between the 4 of us after around 100 changes. It can pull most all the tricks now (does require some weighting in winds above around 12-13mph, which I added a weighting system to it, but that's very optional) Hopefully this very simple mod can help someone out. For about 55$ + 10$ in parts you can have a very good performing kite.

Hopefully this is the proper forum to place this in :) Back to writing a review of the newtech bigbang and stx 2.1 for the new review forum :P

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