Update on Reved's radio / Ipod harness

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Reved’s radio harness update.

A few months ago I asked if anyone would be interested in making a wiring harness for me. The goal of the harness was to connect our flying radios with a music source so flyers could hear call commands and music through headphones. My thought was that it would be beneficial to learn to fly with music or learning a specific routine.

Like many folks we were using the radio system along with a Bluetooth speaker strapped to our back pack or belt.

Reved took on the task and put together a harness that is easy to use, and reliable.

I use a Reved harness with fairly short connectors. There are three lines. 1 line plugs into the radio transmit jack, one line plugs into my ipod, and one line has a receptacle that I use to connect the “call” headset. We added a mono to stereo adaptor to each of the receiving radios.

Each flyer can adjust overall volume on the radio, the ipod controls the music volume.

It is simple to use, not a bunch of wires everywhere and it just plain works. I also have a harness with longer wires that may be beneficial with the winter gear.

The harness is now part of the bag just like Walt’s marble stakes.

Sort of wish I had more to say about it, but you just plug it in and fly…that is a good thing.

Thank you Ed for taking on this project, nice job.


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Thanks Terry. This project gave me a chance to work with my dad, which ended up strengthening our relationship with each other. I'll be forever grateful for that. The folks aren't getting any younger and it's nice to be able to get along with them better.

Time to get together a Bay Area quad team and put one of those harnesses to work.

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