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Recommendations on first kite bag-

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On 7/11/2016 at 4:50 PM, Wayne Dowler said:

Whatcha doing - kiteflying or carrying around a carnival sideshow?? How much stuff does a kiteflier need? Probably less than he brings!! LOL!!

I can tell we haven't met.. I'm closer to the carnival sideshow.... You should see me with a deck of cards..

I'd love to fly with you sometime..

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I usually just carry several kites loose in the vehicle not bothering with a kite bag.  When I get to the field I grab the few I wish to fly and put the line sets in my back pockets.  For major hauling I use a pickup or maybe get out the ultimate kite hauler.


My ultimate kite hauler is a small custom trailer for all the goodies.  Shelf on the drawbar holds a full size cooler.  Also has patio umbrella & mount for shade.  Sides fold out to make bench seats.  Three drop down legs make it stable when unhooked.  Dualies can be stored with leading edges fully assembled.  Entire top hinges upward for access & top is a great kite table.   SHBKF

The other car is my wife's......

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Once you've had bag you never go back.


seriously though, I bought one of andy's kite bags at ocean shores kite back in june, there were only two kinds, the prizm one and some Chinese one. Can you guess which one I bought, ok so I'm a bargin hunter I bought the Chinese one, I like the looks, has shoulder straps and a handle in the middle but the only thing that holds it shut is velcro sewn in four places, I wanted a more secure attachment so I sewed three 1/1/2 in nylon straps with buckles to it. two near the ends and one in the middle. I had to re-sew a few places that had come unraveled but its pretty good now, I like it once I fixed everything, but unless you have a sewing machine, might want  to get a better bag,. Price was about 50$ cheaper than the prizm bag so I'm cool with it.

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