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My Back Yard!

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I don't care why anyone's hobby takes them miles to get to enjoy, maybe they like blowing smoke from their exhaust pipes, maybe they need to show off what they think they have.

Maybe most kite fliers should be collecting stamps or coins instead of thinking they can take over a beach or other public area.

Ain't got the balls or you can afford, must be time to collect stamps or coins!

Maybe most kite fliers really don't see how this stuff really works!

How many kite fliers actually spend days preparing a spot to fly, most just think they can take over public area's, and think they are the only ones that count.

I don't believe a thing that the average kite flier believes! My yard is twice as big a the Huntington Beach Kite Party area, but I'm the only one that maintains it!

I've been to Ocean City where a bunch of hot shots fly, my land goes from the ocean to across the bay to land again. But all the kite fliers/wanna be stamp collectors need a place to gather. Best place to gather is public property/not deeded in your name.

I think there is a lot of snot nose brats out here flying kites.

To all the snot nosed brats, fly in your own back yard, or stop crying about someone being hurt or them hurting your kite.

I already mentioned I don't need to spend a red cent more to express my opinion here, PLM does it for free, big deal, it's only a kite, everyone else can do it for the same fees as PLM pays!


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