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Revolution Supersonic Gold/Black RTF SOLD NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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Everything needed to go out, and fly, this kite is in excellent condition, the sail is still crisp.
Condition scale of this kite is a solid 8 out of 10

Revolution Supersonic RTF

Agility With A Little Less Pull!
The lighter, more forgiving of the Speed Series, the Supersonic is on par with the Shockwave in speed, agility, precision, and all around outstanding performance.   With somewhat reduced pull and easier maneuverability, the Supersonic can readily contend with all wind conditions.   The 90" wingspan (7 1/2 feet) and overall weight of only 10 ounces the SuperSonic can perform in a wind range of 4 to 20 mph.

The speed is awesome, the Supersonic has been clocked flying over 70 mph maintaining total controllability and flies in reverse as fast as the 1.5 SLE flies forwards!

If you are a speed enthusiast with great wind conditions and the ultimate thirst for speed, the Supersonic will quench your thirst and give you back some change!
The Revolution Supersonic comes complete with kite, Bag, extra rods,
Laser Pro Gold lines 150# x 100', Stainless Steel Ultra Light 11" handles. RTF

Skill: Intermediate To Expert
Wind: 4 - 20 mph
Leading edge length: 90"
Height: 22"
Weight: 10 oz.
Structure: Advantage graphite
SLE Ultra-light


Free shipping in the US when you use PayPal friends & family option

I'm getting out of kiting, so there will be more kites, and goodies to come, need funds for a recumbent tadpole trike.










Better photos available upon request!

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    • By happysuperbutton
      Hi all
      I'm aware the go-to material for quads like revs are the 3/4oz icarex ripstop nylon.
      But anyone can help with determining the thread count and density of such .75oz ripstop rev sails use? Assuming 1sqm or sqf.
      Thanks much!
    • By Edmond Dragut
      hello, i try to find a Revolution indoor. i will consider if it is a stack to.
      Thank you 
    • By Flying Buckeye
      This is a package deal for Revolution Quad Kites, and accessories.
      1) Revolution B-Series Custom Gray Fade Standard
      Includes Two wrap frame set, Three wrap frame set, Black Race frame set, Green Race frame set
      LPG Quad line set 90# x 100', LPG Quad line set 150# x 100 feet
      Revolution Quad handles 13" with pro leaders 
      2) Revolution 1.5 Ghost SUL (all white sail)
      Includes Black Race frame set, Two wrap frame set
      LPG Quad line set 50# x 100'
      Revolution Quad handles 15" with pro leaders
      3) Revolution Skulls Printed Full Sail
      includes Black Race frame set
      4) Revolution Supersonic Gold/Black
      Includes extra rods
      LPG Quad line set 150# x 100'
      Revolution Quad handles 11" with regular leaders
      5) Prism Large Roll Up Kite Bag, able to hold up to 10 kites, and accessories
      $1200.00 all included, free shipping to USA when you use PayPal friends, and family option
      All kites, and bag are around 6 months old, and are in like new condition, sails are still crisp, no stains, rips, or holes.
      Photos available upon request
    • By KiteTastic
      I had this hoodie in the good will pile but I couldn't resist wearing it on my first flight with my new Revolution! 
    • By joedc831
      I'm well-experienced with dual-line stunt kites, and am going to buy a Revolution quad.  In doing research, I'd like a better understanding of the differences I would experience between the Revolution EXP on the low-end, and the B-Series on the high-end.  I'm not really worried about the price difference, and I'd like to own a kite that can keep up as my skills continue to improve.  But I also don't want to waste money on a more expensive kite like the B-series or New York Minute if the flight characteristics are only marginally different than the EXP.  So in short, what makes the B-series a better kite than the EXP?  Also, does the mid-vent have the widest wind range?
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