Throw Launching a Stack (with video)

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6 hours ago, Paul LaMasters said:

Competition is where the cutting-edge takes place, all the best and newest stuff will be there, as well as your friends!

Friends, yes... The rest, not so sure I agree.

Competition is probably at the lowest overall point it's seen in the past 25+ years, both in terms of participation and innovation / skill / institutional knowledge... Not to say it won't come back (if we change the format), but not right now.

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FWIW, JB is one of my witnesses to throwing a 4 stack :D

The reason I don't compete "is" friends.. I'm far to obsessive.. a decision to compete would also bring out the competitive jerk in me..  I prefer to do demos without the judging part in place.. I also gladly share kites and techniques much like many others.. I don't hoard info.. this thread is active proof of that.. I've shared all my secrets to throwing a stack.. It still doesn't make it easy..

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Wicked hang time, super smooth toss and separation. :)

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    • By riffclown
      By request a repost and update of my Reflex Review
          The Rev Reflex is a different animal indeed. The Springs do change the wing shape and dead launch from face down is almost as easy as a standard reverse launch.  The springs did however also change some of the responsiveness in the very light wind conditions.. When step accelerating a dive, you have the load the wing with a heavier hand at each step and plan again for loading the wing with the dive stop. It's almost like a delayed reaction. I like the larger size but, dislike that I don't have multiple frame options and interchangeability with the other Revs. This kite does makes a big difference at the edges.  
          Extreme edge of the window, the kite reacted differently than expected. I was at the point where the springs were trying to make it float but I was still able to give input via the lines.. Not necessarily a bad thing, just one aspect of this wing that I wasn't expecting. All in All a 5 star experience.  This is a very forgiving kite that will make a difference in the novice flyer and intermediate flyer's hands. I can't speak for the Advanced Kiter or Professional's take, as I consider myself neither of those. Looking forward to more handle time with the Rev Reflex.
          About the video.. Some raw footage of putting the Reflex through its paces. This was only my second flight with this kite and it DOES act differently than a typical Rev. I intentionally tried to destabilize the kite at the end and flew it well past apex.. It floated right back into the wind gracefully.
      On the backside of each wing attached to the vertical spar and to the sail via velcro is a small metal spring that shapes the sail. IT keeps the sail from being perfectly flat and thus induces float when the sail is in any kind of neutral profile. It makes the dead launch from facedown possible and makes it more stable in the air.. But if any of your tricks or moves are based on a flat sail, you'll have to adjust, relearn or abandon..

      After a lot of flying, the handles started to show a lot of internal slack. I used the following methood to tighten them up. .
      . I've let some friends from all over "test" the kite including Jim Cosca, Paul LeMasters and Fletch. Fletch used it almost exclusively for the ODSKC along with his Phantom SUL. In Paul's hands it truly got put to its paces and seems a capable durable kite. I'd like to see a bit more spring to the springs. Over time they tend to bend a bit and have to be reshaped..
      All in all a nice sail with some unique characteristics but in the long run this was not a sail i would keep. The trade offs the springs bring to the mix impact the way i fly negatively more than they help other aspects of my flying..
    • By riffclown
      Flying the 8M Toxic in it's own apparent wind. There was not enough wind to fly but I HAD to fly something for the kids..
    • By riffclown
      Practicing my side slide over the kite eating lake..
      FWIW, We ALL put a kite in the water this week.. Some intentionally, some not so much.. Also for the record, seawater soaked, sandy ripstop is HEAVY1
    • By riffclown
      I wrote the instructions up and posted them for your use. This takes a small Dual line foil to a whole new level. Stops on a dime and spins like there's no tomorrow. With a few materials and bit of time you can tweak an otherwise good stunt foil into a Quadline Contender..
      Flying Demo
      And in a bit higher wind
      I even took my first buggy ride using this kite..
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