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Joe Ludwig

Traction Kites

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I am selling a bunch of traction kite stuff.    Too much power for my old body!
Peter Lynn C-Quad 6.3 meter (used many times) with a line set $100 Great for buggy!
Peter Lynn Arc 4.6 meter (used once) $150
Peter Lynn Arc 6.3 meter (new) $200
Cabrinha Control Bar 15" with lineset $100  (I do not know weight or length)
Cabrinha Control Bar 18" as shown $40
Cabrinha Control Bar 23" new $50
Take it all and I will give you a super deal.   Located near Cleveland, OH   I have more pictures.  I just lowered the prices 3-14-17 for spring flying.











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lower prices

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    • By Pete Sobye
      I bought a Rev indoor, on a whim. Its Red White and Blue. In nearly new condition and it will come with a brand new set of lines, but no handles, as it didn't come to me with any.
      As Quads are my thing, I am looking for another rev, or other quad line kite WHY?? Possible PX with cash either way for the right kite.
      I am located in Cornwall UK but willing to post.
      Email me :-

    • By utahtami
      I have a power kite: HQ Beamer 2.5m RTF in great shape in original bag.
    • By Edmond Dragut
      I will like to trade a used REV I in good crispy condition 8 out of 10,(  the bungee are loose by age and no bag for kite) for the small brother Rev II or ZEN  , is an old model with metal ferrules and rods marked Revolution Equipped 
      Thank you

    • By jeepinjeepin
      Hey Y'all, it's time to let some go. We have twins due in September and not enough house for them and all my hobbies. I guess I'll give priority to the babies. Anyhow, these look like the ones that don't make the cut. 
      Prism Tensor 3.1 has been flown once. Has dye marks on the back of the sail, apparently from the lines, but is 100% functional. $250
      SOLD Prism Micron 5 Stack x2) As far as I can tell the sails are identical. One set has ripstop tails, the other has plastic tails. $175 each. $300 for the pair
      Gomberg Super Sled (Yellow/Black), pennant tail, 2 transition tails, ITW 11' Squid,  200'x200# line and sand anchor, 2 spiral worms. $150
      Prism Stylus 2.8) I don't remember if I've ever had this one up in the air. No lines  $75
      HQ DeltaHawk, I've not flown this DeltaHawk yet. I was planning on stacking it with the other, but it never happened. No lines. $20 shipped with anything from above. 
      Non-Smoking home, prices include CONUS shipping. I can take further pictures of anything that you are interested in and may even have time tonight to spread out them out. 

    • By Brucifer
      I found these kites on UK eBay that I wish I could bid on but the seller won't ship to the US (pleading got me nowhere)! I thought I'd post them here for the benefit of any who might be in the UK or have connections there so perhaps some of the good folks in the Kitelife community might have a chance at them. Sure wish I could bid on the Skydancer Enigma! Maybe the karma will work out for me in other ways....;o)
      Auctions end Feb 20th and 21st. Good luck!
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