Rare - Matching Vented and Standard Level One V-Max Vintage Custom Dual Line Kites

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I am selling a pair of vintage dual line sport kites. They are a matching pair of custom V-Max kites that Level One developed in the late 90's. One is vented, the other is standard. Both are framed the same and have very little air time on them. Sails show no signs of flight. 

Frame... Wrapped G-Force leading edges, .230 spine

Top Spreader... .230 carbon

Bottom Spreader ... tapered wrapped g-force

Dimensions.... 7'10" x 40"

Sail Depth... 11.5

Wind Range... 3-25 

Sail... Ripstop Nylon

They are looking for a good home. Selling both for $300 OBO including shipping in the states. PayPal preferred. Thanks for looking.


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Those look super-cool... I'm feeling weak.

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I'm going to sweeten the deal even more... Adding a second vented V-Max (total of three kites) for the same price. $300 or best offer includes shipping in the US. ;) 

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Thanks John!!!

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Thanks John, didn't know about that group

Sent from my XT1575 using KiteLife mobile app

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    • By Flying Buckeye
      Prism Nexus 5 Stack RTF Excellent condition 9 out of 10
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      Nexus 5 Stack Kit
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      Free Shipping to the lower 48 States when you use PayPal friends, and family option
    • By acimburek
      Hello All~
      I am selling what I believe is a one of a kind North Shore Radical by TOTL. It is a tie-dye sail that is is beautiful condition. I am honestly not sure how long I have had it in my bag, but it has markings from 1998 as well as a signature by Ron Reich from 2001. I have never flown it myself, and the bridle looks in perfect condition.
      I am asking $300 OBO. It is a beautiful, rare kite that, as I am aware, is a one of a kind.
      Please let me know if you are interested.
      I can email pics, the photos are too large to upload.
    • By Stuart McCullough
      This is going back in the bag. Thanks for looking.
      I am selling my home-built Monster std. in order to fund other toys. This is a great kite designed by Christian Derefat and built by me. It is built to the designers original specifications:

      Leading edge: 6mm pultruded (one piece)
      Upper Spreader:  6mm pultruded
      Spine:  6mm pultruded
      Lower spreader: Skyshark 5pt black diamond 
      Sail: Icarex and Mylar with Icarex pinstripes. LE is Dacron. APA fittings with RSky Center-T. Nose is Bisonyl.
      And yes, that is polyester florescent yellow contrasting thread!

      It has the Derefat feel that some of his other designs have. Very tricky, great jacobs ladders and super pitchy. 

      This kite is a real looker. The only build flaw is that my machine dropped the pointed-part of three stitches in two of the pinstripes--only noticeable if you look for them. Look hard in the last picture.

      No holes, tears, or any heavy wear; the kite is over all in really good shape. I have been home building like crazy and have more kites than I can fly.

      Asking $190 plus shipping (keep in mind the one piece LEs may make shipping a few dollars more than normal--not sure about this though).

      Please don't hesitate to ask questions.

    • By Palmahnic
      Dear forum,
      I want to share with you a video I made, a project really. This project took me about six months, four locations, 2 continents, 3 kites, 1 Xiaomi Yi sport camera, one John Lenon, some improvisation, and a lot of patience.
      The idea was to make a video of stunt kite tricks from a completely new perspective. The innovation of filming from the kite's perspective has an added value, meaning the simple fact of seeing everything from the other side, watching the affect of the lines on the kite, having a  closer look on the work of the bridle, etc. Also, I hope that the international locations would add even more color to the backdrop, as it were.
      I'm no master in kite tricking. On the contrary, I bow my head to the masters and veterans, from whom I still have a lot to learn. But I do want to contribute to this incredible sport and its amazing international community, which I have grown to love and appreciate over the last two years. I hope that in some small way, I'm doing my part in growing the sport, drawing more followers to it, and possibly shedding a new, although possibly pocket size, light on things. 
      I had a lot of fun making it. I hope you enjoy watching it.
    • By Trip
      I've bought several dual-line kites as of late and need to find a new home for 5 of my kites. I hate to sell them, but I just don't have room.
      All sales will need to be through PayPal without fees. All prices are for the kites only, shipping is additional for CONUS only. Please PM for all communication. When communicating, please be sure to refer to the kite number. These kites come with socks or cases but no lines are included.
      I've tried to include as much information as I can for each kite, but if you need any additional info, feel free to PM.
      Thanks, Robert
      10/28/2015 - Discounted some of the kites. Last time for a discount. If these don't sell, they'll just go back in my bag. Keep in mind that I am willing to do a trade or sell these kites as a package. Just let me know.
      11/17/2015 - Thanks.... all kites are back in the bag.
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