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Hi all,

Just writing to confirm what some of you may have already discovered, that the main KiteLife website (magazine, etc) is currently unavailable due to major renovation... During 2014-2015 we retooled our business focus away from primarily being an (active) online magazine toward the forum, tutorials and other "real time" resources for the kiting community but the home page was never really updated to reflect this so lots of folks couldn't really find everything currently relevant from the home page.

Anyway, it's high time for an overhaul and we're hoping to see a measurable increase in membership / activity as a result.

Ideally, I'm hoping to have everything done in 4-6 weeks but the website is more extensive than you may even realize with over 1500 articles and 20 pages that will need to be lovingly reformatted to work with the new templates and layout so I can't provide a firm date of completion, it will be done when it's done... That being said, you'll find all the other "active" parts of the website including this forum and tutorial downloads are still available.

Thanks to all for your ongoing patience and support! :)

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Cool, any new articles in the works... uhh nevermind. As I'm typing I'm looking at "1500 articles and 20 pages" I do believe you'll have enough on your plate ... my bad!

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Fair question really. :)

KiteLife Magazine went inactive a couple years ago after it became increasingly difficult for me to field new content, partially because I'm primarily an introvert and don't have the "chatty cathy" dialogues going all the time that help yield new content and partially because many of the great wordsmiths who used to write for us have left kiting or passed away with few replacements coming in.

The proliferation of social media has also given us channels to post photos and videos as they happen, and I think that's reduced the excitement for many folks to write full on articles in what is most primarily an amateur sport.

In my heart of hearts, I really hope to come across someone who would take their own passion and skill set to serve as Editor, fielding content and adding it to the database... Easy enough, if I could pay them anything. lol

Anyway, the entire system and database are still there and fully functional, starting it up again would just take new content to feed into it - there's a pin in it, still a phenomenal vehicle for information that I'd love to see revived.

Thanks for your interest, makes me feel good to know that the effort of so many authors still finds a loving audience. :) 

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