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SOLD - Terry Crumpler Pro-Wasp needs a new home. Cleaning out some kites to make room for others. Accept PayPal, no trades please.

Pro-Wasp Specifications:
• Status - Out of Production
• Condition - Very Good
• Skill Level - Intermediate to Expert
• Wing Span - 96"
• Frame - Easton a/c tubes
• Sail - 3/4oz. Carrington Spinnaker nylon
Made in USA by WindWalker Kites/Terry Crumpler/Gayla Industries

SOLD - Pro-Wasp (Purple) - 98.00   includes shipping in CONUS - This kite is a blast to fly in higher wind. Sail is crisp, clean and ready to fly. Comes with original sleeve and a turbo bridle (if you dare).





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It's a dual-line kite, Ninja. The bridle connects in four places on each side. It's bigger than most and gives a good time on the beach.

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    • By mystainedskin
      2 line kites for sale.
      All Kites New or Like New unless specified and come with:
      Sleeve (Original or Generic)
      All kites come with a New or Like New generic Spectra or Dyneema line set (weight and length listed with each kite)
      Standard Prism Wrist strap Set  * Large 2 line and 5 Stack comes with Padded Prism Wrist Strap set
      All pricing negotiable...selling for someone. Any reasonable offer will be relayed to owners....who reply quickly.
      All pricing includes shipping ..
      No international shipping available without someone vouching for you in a super good way....
      Prism Nexus ( Blue)  90#x65' 
      ( Small smudging marks in one area Pics available)               $65.00 SOLD
      Prism Quantum (Blue) 130#x65'              $100.00 SOLD
      Generic Mid Size (Purple)  90#x65'          $35.00
      Generic Small (R/B/W)  80#x65'               $25.00
      Lanyork Pro (Grey/Lime) 90#x65'          $95.00
      Flying Wings Ying Yang (W/B)50#x65'     $80.00
      Sky Dog Little Wing (Flames) 50#x65'      $20.00
      Big Albatross (Blue/White) 3.3m?
      #240x80'    (  Missing 2 Stand Offs   )                                               $100.00
      Prism Nexus 5 Stack 200#x78'                 $325.00
      Detailed pics upon request.

    • By mystainedskin
      Quad Kites For Sale
      Prices include shipping.  No International shipping without someone vouching for you in a super good way...
      All prices negotiable. Selling for someone..I will relay..they reply quickly.
      All kites are New or Like New unless specified 
      Each Kite has included accessories (Minimum) :
      Sleeve (Generic or Original)
      Generic Handles
      Generic Spectra or Dyneema Quad Line Set  90#x65'
      Detailed pics upon request.
      Hengda or Albatross Quads:
      Used Standard - Light color bleed in 1 spot. White slightly yellowed. Good Condition  $85.00
      New Standard                                                                                                                             $120.00
      New Standard                                                                                                                             $120.00
      New Vented                                                                                                                                $120.00
      5 Stack ( Standards) Multiple line sets and Handles                                                           $575.00
      Purple Standard       Discoloration at folds                                                                            $65.00    SOLD
      Small Yellow/White /Black                                                                                                       $75.00   
      Lanyork Spider                                                                                                                            $100.00
      Revolution Exp      Red/ Black                                                                                                   $125.00
      Revolution SuperSonic                        Sail/Frame/Bag/extra rod                                         $225.00 
      Not all Kites Pictured. Work on the rest this evening.

    • By JaseRicco
      1. Prism 25th Avviersary Quantum Radian Special Edition - Flown just a handful of times and is in excellent condition. 
      Kite comes with:
      Dyneema 85' 150# lines w/ straps Dyneema 85' 100# lines w/ straps Dyneema 85' 50# lines w/ straps 2 40' Nylon tails. One is Orange and one in Purple, both match the kite 16ft Led Kite Tail  All of this was roughly $200 including tax. Looking for $150 Includes shipping to CONUS. 
      Wing Span: 84"
      Wind Range: 3–25 MPH
      Frame: .098 Pultruded Carbon
      Lower Spreaders: Putruded Carbon
      Upper Spreader: Pultruded Carbon
      Sail: Ripstop Nylon & Mylar Laminate
      Assembled Weight: 15.3oz (435g.)
      2. Premier Osprey. Small hole that has been repaired with transparent repair tape. $30 including shipping to CONUS
      Let me know if more pics are needed.


    • By JaseRicco
      Excellent condition. Used only a handful of times.
      $30 - Includes shipping
      Size (W X L): 60 x 26.5 in. / 152 x 67 cm. Wind Range: 5 ~ 18 mph Fabric: Ripstop Nylon Frame: Tubular Fiberglass Weight: 6.4 oz. / 182 gm. Line: Includes 100 lb. Test Low Stretch Polyester Line with Flying Straps  

    • By Matt G
      For sale Post to Mainland United Kingdom ONLY
      Peter Lynn Hornet 5.0 in Orange,Teal and White
      Handles and bar included with one full set of lines
      Flown once, power kites are just not for me!!
      The picture of it flying is a stock photo not me!!!!
      £125 Posted  

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