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Not wanting to hijack the other thread I thought I share a little bit of insight into my Jigboards.

Here's about as much as I'm willing to share.  Every mark on this board is for a reason.. I also have a reference chart (covered) for all sizes of bridles I use as well as some critical marks for my Symphony bridles when I make those. and triangle charts for bowtie panel sizes.. Keeps me from having to reinvent the wheel every time I sew, sleeve or knot.  I can tie, and also also do all my bridle measurements without the need for a ruler.

I also have a separate jig board. (still experimental) to tie French bridles from a single piece of line. There is a bit of doubling on those but still it was a personal challenge to do so.

So these two boards are used to create:

  • 72" Bridles
  • 83" Bridles
  • 93" Bridles
  • 97" Bridles
  • LE Sleeve
  • Sleeving Segments
  • 2.2.4 Backsplice Marks
  • Bowtie panels for all sizes so far
  • Winder Templates



BridleJiglayout-sizechart-with descriptors.jpg

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Good informative post. I believe a lot of people thought that a tying jig is a complicated, high-tech setup, not realizing that it can be as simple as a pine board with a few pins placed at the distances between knots plus the length of the knot if so desired.

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Down in the Kite Dungeon I simply place finish nails into the plywood kite work table.  I layout the dimensions with ruler & pencil then tap the nails into the wood just enough to hold firm.  Later, when I am finished, I simply pull the nail out until needed again.  I may  leave small penciled notes for future reference or erase the marks if I decide they did not produce desired results.  Mostly I work in inches but keep metric rulers handy if I am working in centimeters.  It is also a good idea to check kite bridles for symmetry when you have them on the kite table.  SHBKF

here's the kite table with a kite awaiting bridle repair


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