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Win: B2 STD Revolution package

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Hi all - putting up another fun drawing as part of our fund raising efforts for the coming off season... It's almost extra special, seeing as there are no more B-Series being made and there are only 200 tickets available!

(NOTE: prize is STD in lime combo, as pictured, but in B2 size)

NO subscription required to enter, you just need tickets... We'll be drawing ONE winning ticket as soon as all tickets are sold for this brand new, never flown Revolution B2 STD directly from the KiteLife prize basket - what's included?

  • B2 STD sail in lime / combo (hand-signed by JB, can personalize)
  • 10" handles
  • 2 wrap frame
  • 3 wrap frame
  • Kite sleeve
  • DVD

Tickets are $5 each (via PayPal/Visa/MC/Discover/AmEx), 200 175 tickets are available, we'll use a numbered spreadsheet and ticket numbers will be issued accordingly, drawing shortly after the last ticket (#175) is sold using's 3rd Party Draw service - and we will ship anywhere in the world, all entries are welcome!

-- Click here to buy your tickets! --
(link does not work on TapaTalk - use web browser)

As always, TK and I extend our deepest thanks for your support, past and current - we wouldn't be able to do what we do without you. :kid_loved:

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Okay, okay I'm in . The anticipation is worth the price of admission. Can you personalize with dorts !! Okay, really I will try to stop:unsure:.

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152 tickets gone!

Lets get to 175 and I’ll do the drawing, lead topic amended accordingly. ;)

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