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TKL Quad Clinic @ SPI (Feb 4, 2018)

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Registration for one person, provides full access to instruction at this fun and educational workshop covering the most important aspects of QUAD LINE flying on The Flats in South Padre Island TX (capped at 20 students total) following the SPI Kite Festival.

Exact location

Skill levels from first time flyers all the way up to masters are welcome, there is content for everyone and four instructors (ratio of 5 to 1) available all day including Team KiteLife members John Barresi, Scott Benz (@mystainedskin), Eli Russell (@windpoacher) and Brett Marchel (@Flight Risk).

01719331-6F30-4DFC-B235-240D1E207980.jpeg 8B5A545C-270C-4BCB-9C90-9058B24BCFF7.jpeg

Schedule is 10am to 4pm - we cover an incredible library of important fundamentals in the “Quad 101” starting presentation, so please do be on time and consider something for taking notes - this is also a bring your own kite affair, but all types are welcome.

We will break for a one hour lunch around noon, but some of the instructors will still be on the field assisting with remedial skills.

By early afternoon we should be introducing folks to how easy team flying  can be with a little information and understanding of how it all works - those who feel ready will also participate in a mega fly all together... NOTE: Team flying participation does require 120’ length lines and a 1.5 comparable kite of any brand.

Signed up so far:


Signup link

Registration fee - $80

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Corrected a misprint, clinic is scheduled 10am-4pm on the 4th, although TKL will be on the field sometime around 9am to set up and shoot the breeze. :)

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On 11/13/2017 at 7:11 PM, John Barresi said:

Feb 4, 2018 ... following the SPI Kite Festival.

On 1/6/2018 at 1:37 AM, John Barresi said:

scheduled 10am-4pm both days

Both days? Is this just the 4th, or both the 3rd and 4th?

I'm trying to justify the 7 hour drive across Texas plus the cost of two clinic tickets and other expenses.  I dismissed it earlier since the title says only the 4th. If it is two days I'll start finding room in my budget.



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Dang, apologies, clearly got my bell rung when I made that correction - it is just the one day (4th), although it’s preceded by one heck of a kite festival where we’re all pretty accessible and I think you’d be shocked how much ground is covered in a single day of quad workshop, can still literally cut years off a learning curve. ;)

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Please come to the festival,

join in the fun, steal others' techniques and tricks, watch how easy literally thousands of hours of practice make it look, check-out equipment used as conditions vary, witness the spectacle of indoor flight by some of the nations' best pilots (+ the hackers added in to make them look better, HA,... like me!)

TKL's workshop is just icing on the cake,... that darn cake is pretty darn tasty all by itself though, find your own slice!

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Paul nailed it.

Even if you just did the festival and skipped the clinic, you’d still learn a year’s worth of stuff. :)

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Festivals are fun, you're right about that.   I don't think I'd learn a year's worth of stuff, but they are great.

I still remember the Lincoln City festival a couple years back where the wind died and they were closing the party early since nothing would stay up. As people were walking away, the loudspeaker crackled back to life announcing they'd had a last-minute exhibition show in the dead air. You pulled out an indoor dual line kite and wowed the crowd as the unexpected finale.

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Lotta good times on that beach. :)

Sincerely, I just ask that you don’t underestimate the experience of even a single clinic day - the social dynamic and depth of information never ceases to excite me. 🤟

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    • By John Barresi
      Join us for two very full days of quad instruction on the beautiful shores of St Annes Beach in Lytham St Annes U.K. on Aug 31 and Sep 1, 2017 immediately before the St Annes International Kite Festival!
      Instructors will be @John Barresi ( and @Josh.Mitcheson.

      DAY ONE - AUG 31
      Quad 101: We'll be covering everything from absolute basics (pure beginner) all the way up through advanced techniques as well as the "weird stuff" like dogstake, short line catch and throw or any other quad line flight styles that may be of interest to the students, this first day is primarily focused on a full range of individual skills.

      DAY TWO - SEP 1
      Team Flying: Actually easier than it looks, team flying is proven to help your skills along much quicker while having a ton of fun at the same time in a very forgiving social environment - after having done 100+ clinics, it's very very rare that fliers didn't find a fair measure of success on the line with others - come on, pave the way for participating in a mega fly at your next event.

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      Ideal choice of equipment for this class is any model of Revolution 1.5 (includes EXP, SLE, B-Series, printed specials, etc) or similar "1.5 platform" models (like Phoenix, Freilein, Los Hermanos, etc) - we'll go through painless equipment set up, good tuning and all aspects of flight - this clinic is not brand-centric, the goal here is to demystify quad flying and set you up to win at your own game.

      If you want to be able to try team flying, 40 metre / 120 ft lines (Skybond or Spectra material) are strongly suggested as the international team standard.

      Registration is $125 (approx £100) per person and includes full access to the clinic on both days (Thu 10a-4p / Fri 10a-3p)... Please note, there are ONLY 20 SPOTS available and we expect them to fill up very quickly.

      If you want some homework, you might also check out the tutorials available at

      If you're coming, we start the "Quad 101" portion of this class at 10AM SHARP on Thursday morning... It's jam packed with invaluable information and first time attendees are encouraged to consider attendance mandatory, lots of little details that add dimension to your set up and flight experience.
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      I'm in the Midwest in the USA, so wind can be a problem, but there's lots of open space in which to fly!
      Looking for thoughts, recommendations, and maybe even someone who has a great used beginner kite for sale!  I appreciate any advice and direction you're willing to provide!
    • By John Barresi
      May 3rd at 5pm-6pm PST (8pm-9pm EST)
      Please consider yourself cordially invited to a group chat with all four members of Team KiteLife:
      John Barresi ( @John Barresi ) Scott Benz ( @mystainedskin ) Eli Russell ( @windpoacher ) Brett Marchel ( @Flight Risk ) Team members will be on hand to answer ANY and all questions you might have about dual, quad or performance flying, including the many odd topics enjoyed by them like dogstake, indoor, team flying, etc... We're an open book, pick our brains, we're happy to help!
      Chat will be here -
    • By John Barresi
      Join us for two full days of hard core TEAM QUAD instruction on May 13-14, 2017 with three members of Team KiteLife including @John Barresi and Scott Benz (@mystainedskin) on both days with Brett Marchel (@Flight Risk) joining us on Sunday at the Munson Soccer Fields near Detroit MI.
      Location -
      NOTE: This event has been reformatted - it is open to intermediate fliers or better only, focus will be on team flying and certain skills are required including basic hovers, figure 8 flight and fundamental speed control.
      Please also note, there are only 8 spots available!
      Saturday morning we'll have a rountable about team philosophy and dynamics, this covers a metric ton of stuff that even the "pros" think they know, but don't... Then we'll break up into two teams, rotating students between the two groups to work on team maneuvers and basic skill improvements, then we'll do a mega fly to close out the day, wind allowing.
      I'd also like to identify who, if anyone is interested in learning how to call a team on their own... This is a great chance for warm hearted coaching and friendly cohorts, really as painless and fun as it gets.
      Sunday will be more of the same, turned up few notches.
      Ideal choice of equipment for this class is any model of "1.5" style kites (includes EXP, SLE, B-Series, printed specials, Phoenix, Shook, Swiss Made, Freilein, etc) - we'll go through painless equipment set up, good tuning and all aspects of flight - the goal here is to demystify quad flying and set you up to win... Again, ANY type of basic "1.5 platform" quad line kite is acceptable for participation.
      Students will use their own kites, 120' length is REQUIRED for all team exercises.
      Must be Skybond or spectra lines for team flying.
      Testimonials -
      Registration is $175 per person and includes full access to the clinic on both days (10a-4p), a discounted rate of $150 is available to KiteLife subscribers.
      KiteLife subscription info -
      Clinic sign up link:
      RSVP'd so far:
      @ru4camping @Jason R Hope to see you there!
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