Calling using group chat via phones.

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Been thinking about this for a while. Rather than buy and modify a radio/s I thought it may be easier to use the functionality that is in most smart phones. Pretty much everyone carries one on them and usually the earphones with them. It does raise a couple of issues over a master/slave radio system.


Call waiting while on the field...

Each team member being a Tx.

The overlay of music during the calling.


Maybe this could be overcome with an app developed by a kite flyer to meet specific needs. Even using the Bluetooth rather than cellular network.




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I get what you want to do - just not sure it will get there. Yes you buy a walkie talkie, but you really don't need to modify it, just make that caller's circuit. Midland seems to be the best choice, as they have separate channels/outputs/inputs for talk and receive.  I use Uniden and can't seem to get that circuit working with them. I think because both functions are on a single plug and not enough separation. Just my thought. 

A lot of us have foregone the music function in the circuit and use bluetooth speakers and our phones or Ipods. Mounted on tripods, they can be placed out in front of us for team listening. 

As a demo flier, radios are just part of my everyday flying kit anymore. At a festival I'm putting on my radio pretty early and just wear it all day. 

It will take someone that knows more than I, to go your route!

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The phones just burn through too much juice for us, walkies are dedicated and stable, also nearly universal.

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