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    • By mystainedskin
      2 line kites for sale.
      All Kites New or Like New unless specified and come with:
      Sleeve (Original or Generic)
      All kites come with a New or Like New generic Spectra or Dyneema line set (weight and length listed with each kite)
      Standard Prism Wrist strap Set  * Large 2 line and 5 Stack comes with Padded Prism Wrist Strap set
      All pricing negotiable...selling for someone. Any reasonable offer will be relayed to owners....who reply quickly.
      All pricing includes shipping ..
      No international shipping available without someone vouching for you in a super good way....
      Prism Nexus ( Blue)  90#x65' 
      ( Small smudging marks in one area Pics available)               $65.00 SOLD
      Prism Quantum (Blue) 130#x65'              $100.00 SOLD
      Generic Mid Size (Purple)  90#x65'          $35.00
      Generic Small (R/B/W)  80#x65'               $25.00
      Lanyork Pro (Grey/Lime) 90#x65'          $95.00
      Flying Wings Ying Yang (W/B)50#x65'     $80.00
      Sky Dog Little Wing (Flames) 50#x65'      $20.00
      Big Albatross (Blue/White) 3.3m?
      #240x80'    (  Missing 2 Stand Offs   )                                               $100.00
      Prism Nexus 5 Stack 200#x78'                 $325.00
      Detailed pics upon request.

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