Issue 46: AKA Corner

If you are a member of a kite club, the group can affiliate with the AKA for free. And where I come from, we’re fond of saying that free is a very good price.

All that is involved for a local club to affiliate with the national organization is to fill out a form and list five local members who are also AKA members. We now ask the form to be completed annually so we can keep track of local contact information. (You’d be surprised how quickly things can get out of date!)

In return, we’ll include your club on the AKA web page, publish contact details in Kiting magazine, and each month, we’ll send you names of new AKA members in your area in case you’d like to encourage them to get involved with your local organization.

The other benefit we offer affiliated clubs is insurance.

To have a kite event sanctioned costs $75. Sanctioned events receive publicity, the AKA “stamp of approval”, and a million dollars of liability insurance for the organizers. Usually, local parks and beaches require proof of insurance before they will issue permits for events.

The problem of course is that many clubs do regular small events, fun flies, meetings and workshops. That $75 fee can add up if you do a monthly club fly.

So AKA has agreed that all regular club gatherings can be covered for just one single $75 application fee. The only thing we ask is that clubs limit this program to events that are primarily club functions. Non-club members are welcome to participate. But we’re looking more at fun flies and workshops than at major festivals.

AKA is committed to helping clubs as much as we can. Todd Little is currently holding the position of Club Liaison. You can reach him at with ideas and suggestions.
Click here for a map that will list affiliated clubs around the country. And if your group isn’t listed, let us know and we’ll get forms to the right people.

David Gomberg

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