Issue 72: From the Editor

Well, I suppose I’d like to open up this issue of Kitelife by looking forward to the next one and encouraging you to take advantage of the resources we offer by sending in event reports, club or flier profiles, kite plans, photo galleries, historical pieces, “pre-event” press release articles, or anything that you might think be of interest to our readers or help in promoting your own local kite scene… Putting together something for submission is far easier than you might think, and we welcome articles on nearly any kiting topic from anywhere in the world.

Increasingly over the past couple of years, more and more of my own interest has shifted toward identifying and filling the gaps between the public and us as kite fliers… You might be interested in my Kites… Life piece leading off this issue, as I speak pretty frankly on some of the things I’ve observed and implemented myself… Some of it might be drivel, and maybe not, but I do have in interest in provoking discussion, ideas and some expose on what we’re doing as a community to entice new fliers based on the passion we ourselves experience… Toss it around, come up with some of your own thoughts, post on your favorite kite forum, stir the pot.

With Takako and I both celebrating birthdays in June, we’ve put up FOUR different prizes for our official Kitelife subscribers this month – we’ll be giving away some very cool kites to separate winners on the 15th, 20th, 25th and 30th, so now is an especially good time to sign up if you haven’t done so already… Remember, it’s thanks to folks like you that we’re able to continue producing this little online publication and all the other projects that come along with it, we’re endlessly grateful for your support.
As we put the finishing touches on this issue, we’re preparing for a trip to Kites Over Grinnell (IA) tomorrow, and upcoming June events in Lincoln City (OR), Saint Honore (Quebec) and Vancouver BC, as well as July events in Brookings (OR) and Berkeley (CA)… If you’ll be at any of these events, please make a point of saying hello, share your thoughts, heck, let’s fly some kites together!

Cordially yours,

John Barresi
Kitelife Magazine

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Author:John Barresi

Involved in the greater kiting community since 1990, John is an avid kite flier in several disciplines, has served as President of the American Kitefliers Association, and is co-founder of the Revolution sport kite team iQuad. View John Barresi's Profile →

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