News: Coping through kite-flying

There’s a celebrity sitting next to you.

Connor Doran, an 18-year-old Central Oregon Community College student, made it to the semi-finals of America’s Got Talent by flying an indoor kite. Yes, an indoor kite.

A YouTube video of the show has over three hundred and seventy five thousand views. You can hear the crowd chant and the judges gush over his performance.

When Doran performed in Portland, he told the judges that when he is flying he never thinks about having a seizure.

Doran was diagnosed with epilepsy at age four.

“When I am flying my kite, I don’t pay attention to anything else,” he said.

Special article on Connor Doran (well known for his appearance on America’s Got Talent), by Kirsteen Wolf.

Full Article – Coping through kite-flying | The Broadside Online.


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