Issue 39: Whidbey Island Kite Festival (results)

Open Individual Indoor Unlimited

  1. Jerry Cannon
  2. Ray Underwood
  3. Egan Davis
  4. Scott Davis
  5. Tristan Underwood
  6. Wayne Turner

Novice Individual Precision

  1. Ronald Potts
  2. Rudy Yeung
  3. Jennifer Brown
  4. Tristan Underwood
  5. Doug Lommel
  6. Stian Josok

Novice Individual Ballet

  1. Tristan Underwood
  2. Jennifer Brown
  3. Rudy Yeung

Experienced Individual Precision

  1. Ray Underwood
  2. Andrew Cimburek
  3. Brian Davis
  4. Gordon Fry
  5. James Thompson
  6. Jeremy Perceval

Experienced Individual Ballet

  1. Ray Underwood
  2. Brian Davis
  3. James Thompson
  4. Andrew Cimburek
  5. Jeremy Perceval
  6. Gordon Fry
  7. David Cimburek

Experienced Multiline Ballet

  1. Andrew Cimburek

Masters Individual Precision

  1. Daniel Haigh
  2. Scott Davis
  3. Bill Rogers
  4. Ron Hardie
  5. Donald Ostey
  6. Wayne Turner
  7. William Hendrickson
  8. Jerry Cannon

Masters Individual Ballet

  1. Scott Davis
  2. Jerry Cannon
  3. Bill Rogers
  4. William Hendrickson
  5. James Soellner
  6. Donald Ostey
  7. Egan Davis
  8. Wayne Turner
  9. Lisa Root
  10. Ron Hardie
  11. Marcia Cannon

Masters Multiline Precision

  1. Wayne Turner

Masters Multiline Ballet

  1. Wayne Turner

Masters Pairs Precision

  1. Fly By Nite
  2. Abstract Mayhem
  3. Wing ‘N It
  4. Last Flight Out

Masters Pairs Ballet

  1. Fly By Nite
  2. Wing ‘N It
  3. Last Flight Out
  4. Abstract Mayhem

Masters Team Precision

  1. 6th Sense

Masters Team Ballet

  1. 6th Sense

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