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Visit the official KiteLife® discussion forum to interact with other kitefliers from around the world – regardless of skill level or kite style, this is one of the friendliest forums around and you’re sure to find help on just about anything you need… It’s 100% free of charge to register and use the forums, premium membership is only required if you want full access to the video downloads.

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Buy, Sell or Trade Used Kites

Within the KiteLife® forum, you’ll find an area dedicated for folks to post and reply regarding used kites and equipment, please be certain to follow the same common sense as with any classified ads.

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Kites and Maps

Looking for other kite fliers in your area? We have a voluntary Member Map for the users on our forum, take a look or sign up and add yourself to the map of wind seekers!

Looking for someplace to actually fly? Then you’ll want to check out KiteMap for a Google-based directory of flying locations all over the world.

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Author:John Barresi

Involved in the greater kiting community since 1990, John is an avid kite flier in several disciplines, has served as President of the American Kitefliers Association, and is co-founder of the Revolution sport kite team iQuad. View John Barresi's Profile →

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