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With so much organized Rev flying activity happening over the past few years, Kitelife has been proud to be at the forefront through sponsorship of Team iQuad, Rev Clinics and a growing collection of video tutorials from 25-time AKA/AKM national champion John Barresi.

Whether you’re new to the world of Rev flying, or a veteran looking to expand your skills and knowledge, we’re certain you’ll find our specialized tutorial series to be very enlightening… From the absolute basics (like Assembly and Line Management) to advanced stuff (like Flic Flacs and the Inverted Hover), our focus is on breaking down the little details that can make it all quite easy and most of the videos also feature picture-in-picture to show movements of both the kite and pilot simultaneously.

Video Tutorial examples:


As of this writing, we have 17 free video tutorials on our YouTube channel and once you’ve mastered those, we also have 11 more premium video tutorials in our Kitelife subscribers download section… That’s right, a grand total of 28 video tutorials already online!

We do add tutorials more as time and weather allow, and have over 30 more tutorial topics on the to-do list.

Complete info and full list of tutorials –

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