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Empty Spaces: Nobuhiko Yoshizumi

Nobuhiko Yoshizumi was among the most revered of miniature kite artists in the world and an active member of the Kyoto Kite Association and the International Friends of Small Kites.  His focus was on making “frames” that allowed him to make the very smallest of kites to fly.  He is holder of the Guinness Book […]

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Photo by Maggie Walker

Empty Spaces: Jørgen Møller Hansen

Perhaps it is a bit “odd” to have so many individuals write about one kitemaker. But that is the point, he is one SPECIAL kitemaker, and I am sure there are hundreds more who would and are waiting to step up to their computers to write something about this phenomenal man, Jørgen Møller Hansen. What […]

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Issue 6: Death of a Hero

At the AKA Convention, we were saddened to learn of the death of Olan Turner, one of the founders of kiting as a competitive sport. Remembering Olan Turner I met Olan Turner for the first time at the 1983 Columbus AKA Convention. I didn’t realize then how influential this man would become to me. I […]

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