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Issue 60: KiteChi with The Coreylama

I had a nearly complete piece written all filled with more things we can do to alter the future of our kite club. I am on something of a tear concerning the future of the AKA. I started with this club back when kite flying was mostly single-line and mostly a hobby practiced by older, […]

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Issue 59: KiteChi with The Coreylama

I want to change the world. Well, at least the AKA kite world. I want to change the way we structure our AKA convention. Before we go too far let me say up-front that I am not anti-competition, merely fond of finding other ways to play. I have found kite competitions to be a bit […]

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Issue 58: Kite Chi from The Coreylama

Seen any good kite movies lately? That would have been a ridiculous statement just a few years ago. About the only kites in movies then were in Mary Poppins, Bridge on the River Kwai, PeggySue Got Married or Waterworld. Things sure have changed. A major motion picture (as they say), with kites playing a central […]

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Issue 57: Kite Chi with Corey Jensen – Living That Kite Life

Okay, I don’t know if you all know Corey Jensen. Oh, never mind some of that stuff you’re likely to hear, and yeah Corey isn’t exactly perfect… All that said however, we’ve always appreciated Corey’s unique viewpoints on the world, on all things in it – and especially on all things Kiting! It came out […]

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