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History of Sport Kite Competition - pt 3

History of Sport Kite Competition – pt 3

The American Kite Magazine National Stunt Kite Circuit The American Kite Magazine National Stunt Kite Standings system was proposed by American Kite magazine, and publisher, editor Daniel Prentice in the preimer issue of AKM magazines the summer in 1988! (pg. 37 Vol 1 #1) This was the first issue published by this new magazine! This […]

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History of Sport Kite Competition – Pt 2

How do you compare Apples to Oranges After the 1987 SKC season ended our imaginative kitefliers took all their hardware, pairs of kites, costumes and other “accessories” to the new event called “Innovative”. The first year for Innovative competitions (1988) were based on a set of rules decided on over the winter by the AKA SK committee. […]

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History of Sport Kite Competition – Pt 1

The Wanderings of a “Kite Addict” Introduction: This History was originally written in the Gone with the Winds On-line forum throughout November of 2004. In this History I have only included my own personal posts. The comments, posts and submissions of other “Long Time” sport kite fliers have been included in my own words, and […]

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Issue 43: Tangents w/out Trivia

I’m sure that you have all heard many people talk about the “Power of Positive Thinking.” Not a new idea really! Over 150 years ago Ralph Waldo Emerson spoke of it in his writing, ” …a law determines all phenomena… That law, when in the mind, is an idea.” Neville Goddard, an early 20th century […]

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Issue 41: Tangents w/out Trivia

“If it’s too loud! Your too old!” I think everyone has heard that expression. Maybe some of you have even said it before! It was an expression coined many years ago? Trust me, I was one of the people that said it back in the 60’s and 70’s. Sorry! But some music just needs to […]

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Issue 40: Tangents w/out Trivia

I recall that I flew kites as a kid just like almost everyone else did. I have no major memories of that childhood kiteflying, and I guess that it was just typical “kid stuff” at the time! Many of you know how that story goes, you buy a paper Hi Flier diamond for a quarter, […]

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Issue 39: Tangents w/out the Trivia

Several months ago Peter Lynn, the world renown kite flier, and kite builder flew his latest entry for the title of the Worlds Largest Kite. Peter flew a kite representing the Kuwait Flag. 900 sq. m/ 9687 sq. ft. at the Portsmouth International Kite Festival in England. This huge kite wasn’t Peter’s first attack in […]

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Issue 20: Tangents and Trivia

Happy New Year everyone! Well, kitefliers, it’s 2001. We made it over the holiday hill one more time. I ended up a little disappointed this New Year’s Day. I guess that I had the Stanley Kubrick movie (2001: A Space Odyssey) in the back of my mind. I was really looking forward to those cars […]

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Issue 3: Tangents and Trivia

So, here we go again! Has a month passed already? I’m not sure about the rest of you, but when the spring and summer kiting season begins, time just seems to fly by. Most exciting news since last Tangents is the reunion I had with Charlie Moore after about 10 years. Strangest part of finally […]

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Issue 2: Tangents and Trivia

Had a really great time with responses from many of you on Chapter One of Tangents and Trivia. I really had not realized how many people claim to have had me as their “Charlie Moore”. This is very gratifying to learn. I have always believed that it is important to share what you enjoy. That’s […]

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