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Issue 46: Wind Party in Buenos Aires

Hi my friends. I’m eager to share with you what happened in the Second Edition of the Wind Party in Buenos Aires, which is gaining importance in our Country, step by step. As you remember, we started this activity in December of 2004. Fortunately, we were able to enjoy it again this year at Children’s […]

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Issue 46: St. Augustine SKC

After a nice long spell of rain it was time for some west coast getaway.The Portland / Vancouver crew headed for Florida by way Texas early on Thursday, meeting up with the Canadian crew by mid-day. As we caught up with each other we found John in a wheel chair where his competition would probably […]

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Issue 46: Dead Bird Buggy Bash

DBBB (Dead Bird Buggy Bash) is an annual event without “organization” or “organizers” (officially) but it is put together by an awesome group of Texas kite fliers. There is a core of Texans that make this trip a great one that I would only miss under great duress, such as a water line bursting under […]

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Issue 46: Windless Festival

For the third year in a row, the NWSKL and World Kite Museum in Long Beach, WA have brought this home-grown indoor festival and competition to another level… Thanks to Scott Davis and those who contribute so much of their time to help make this event happen, as well as to Kay Beusing and the […]

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2006 KTAI Trade Show – Day 5

Welcome to the last day of the 2006 KTAI trade show daily updates at Kitelife!  While I love doing this, it is tiring work and I found myself glad this was the last day when I woke up this morning… Starbucks was looking mighty good as we headed in for our final trip through the […]

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Deep Space <br/> by Benson Kites

2006 KTAI Trade Show – Day 4

Wheeeeeeeeeeee! Going about our morning in the usual fashion, we headed straight for the field around 10am for the last day of demo flying on the beach… Winds were quite low for most of the fly, running in the 2-3 mph range and coming from inland over the hotels. One the up side, it was […]

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2006 KTAI Trade Show – Day 3

Up for another early morning, we found ourselves back at the convention center around 9am and browsing the trade show which officially opened today… 59 booths contained 22 exhibitors, and 59 retailers have registered thus far. Making it an easygoing morning, we took the opportunity to relax a little and touch base with some of […]

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2006 KTAI Trade Show – Day 2

After my usual stop at Starbucks and the playful realization I should probably approach them about sponsoring Kitelife, my associate Rob and I wandered up the registration desk just before 9am to pick up our badges and made our way upstairs to the same meeting room we used yesterday, this time for the first session […]

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2006 KTAI Trade Show – Day 1

Wow, off to another KTAI trade show… Having gone to the one in Primm last year, I was really looking forward to spending some time in sunny Florida! I left out of Seattle via United on the 4th around 2:30pm, and arrived at Tampa International just short of midnight where local flier and friend Robert […]

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Issue 45: Kites at the US Open

High Flyers Flight Team coordinated the kite demonstration program scheduled for Sunday, September 11th in Flushing Park. Our journey to the U.S. Open started with a call from David Gomberg. He was working with Bradley Royce Ltd., out of NY City, to fulfill a kite program for this famous Tennis Tournament in Queens, NY. David […]

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