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How does Kite Competition Evolve?

This is a topic near to my heart, as I’ve had the opportunity to explore kite competition from many angles in various roles over the past several years… At times, some folks have expressed to me a sentiment along the lines of “why doesn’t the AKA change those rules“, “the AKA should add this event” or […]

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Virtual Freestyle 23 is underway!

Geographically difficult to attend competitions? Want to test your mettle and show off your freestyle skills from the safety of home? Virtual Freestyle is an Internet-based kite flying competition that is free for everyone around the world to enter. The competition was born out of the desire for an informal fun and format with relatively few rules and only […]

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History of Sport Kite Competition – Pt 2

How do you compare Apples to Oranges After the 1987 SKC season ended our imaginative kitefliers took all their hardware, pairs of kites, costumes and other “accessories” to the new event called “Innovative”. The first year for Innovative competitions (1988) were based on a set of rules decided on over the winter by the AKA SK committee. […]

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History of Sport Kite Competition – Pt 1

The Wanderings of a “Kite Addict” Introduction: This History was originally written in the Gone with the Winds On-line forum throughout November of 2004. In this History I have only included my own personal posts. The comments, posts and submissions of other “Long Time” sport kite fliers have been included in my own words, and […]

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The podium at WSKC

World Sport Kite Championships (WSKC 2012)

I arrived a day behind everyone else in France. My flight out of Portland boarded smoothly. We taxied out to runway, turned into the wind and the pilot hit the gas. But halfway down the runway, as the nose started to leave the ground, he hit the brakes hard. Red warning light!! Twenty years of […]

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WSKC 2012 is coming!

That’s right, the eighth World Sport Kite Championships is scheduled to take place during the 26th annual Berck sur Mer Kite Festival in Berck sur Mer, France on April 7-16… A grand total of 14 teams from six countries have confirmed, all coming to duke it out for the coveted championship title. The Championship consists […]

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Kite Flying with Intent

After six plus years of doing sport kite workshops and clinics (both dual and quad kites), I’ve had a lot of opportunities to work with different personalities and skill sets while teaching… One of the things that I see most frequently with beginning, and even some more advanced fliers, is a lack of intent in their […]

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Issue 78: What is Virtual Freestyle?

Video kite competition, online! We’ve been watching Virtual Freestyle (VF) with great interest since the first round was held in September of 2004… Especially now, at a time when fliers in North America are traveling to far fewer competition events than they did in the 90s, the digital format of VF has opened the door […]

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<i>Grand Champion</i><br/>Will Sturdy

2010 AKA Convention: Day 6

Last day of AKAGN, I started off my morning with a visit to Ben Dantonio’s workshop (Rev 101) covering the basics of flight and equipment choice, also presenting this morning was Scott Skinner (Drachen – Outreach to to the Professional Teachers), Steve Ferrell (Judging Handmade Kites: After the Competition) and John Pollock’s (Yellow, Red and […]

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2010 AKA Convention and Grand Nationals

2010 AKA Convention: Day 5

Our morning workshops consisted of “Traveling to Kite Festivals Outside the USA” by Cliff Quinn and Marla Miller, “Origami Kite Making” by Yukio Akiyama, and “Oodles of Revs – Anyone can Mega Fly” by myself and iQuad… The Fly Market continued with great deals, along with Tom McAlister’s kite art gallery. The workshops are always […]

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