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Review: BiPlutz

This year, I spent the month of July in Singapore doing school performances for ACT 3 International. During my stay, I had the pleasure of meeting the man behind the Plutz and the Zero-G, Leong Chee Wan of Malaysia. Chee Wan had a new toy to show off when we met, aptly named the BiPlutz. […]

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Keeping Focus

As we covered in our recent Kites… Life column, the very popular Focus Kites (Paul DeBakker and Hunter Brown) had ceased to make kites, was essentially defunct, and there were indeed discussions to make some of the most popular designs available through a new company. Just recently, we (along with so many others) received our […]

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Limited run of the Mojo by Blue Moon Kites

Just caught this tasty tidbit from the Blue Moon Kites website, per designer Ken McNeil himself: Twenty Mojo 9912′s are available for order. Price is $289, including a $50 deposit to hold your place on the build list. I’ll be building at about 8 a month, starting 3rd week of February.  In the event that […]

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Behind Closed Doors at KTA

The Gomberg Team has just returned from the Kite Trade Association Convention in Las Vegas. KTA is an unusual gathering. To begin with, it is a closed show. The public, or kite fliers for that matter, are not invited or allowed to attend. And that is as it should be. The purpose of the program […]

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Issue 81: Kites… Life.

New kites to look out for… The SuperFly After working with Carl Robertshaw for many years, we’ve been wondering if “le petite phenom” Chris Goff would start producing his own high-end kites… Well, wonder no more! The SuperFly Teaser from ChrisGoffKites on Vimeo.     Per his website: After over 8 months of development and countless […]

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Issue 76: REVisions – Bazzer, Xtras and B2s!

What to write about in the dull winter months between festivals? Actually, truth be told I could talk about how 4 of iQuad rolled into South Padre Island earlier this week to get some practice in only to be essentially shut inside due to the freak winter storm that’s going on all around us. But […]

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Issue 76: KTAI Trade Show 2011

21st annual – Las Vegas, NV I always look forward to this event… It’s not what you’d call a “kiteflier’s event”, but if you’re in the business and keen on learning about the industry as well as the community, it’s a very cool place to come and see what’s new from the various manufacturers, touch […]

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Issue 75: Kites… Life.

In lieu of any pressing topics for my column this month, I’ve got a handful of news items and other recent projects which may be of interest… Video sharing just for kite fliers YouTube has definitely become the focal point for uploaded kite video online due to the fact it’s free to use, videos can […]

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Issue 75: REVisions: On the Horizon

Ah, as the icy grip of winter begins to grip the Northwest (complete with snow!), I begin to wish that the summer was either still here or, at least coming a little sooner than the months away that it is now! But that doesn’t mean that it’s all doom and gloom, I do enjoy the […]

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Gomberg Kites

Issue 70: Kite Trade Association Intl Trade Show

Arriving early in the morning on Monday, Takako and I took the opportunity to explore some of Las Vegas before meeting up with Ben D’Antonio, Joe and Dave Hadzicki later in the evening for our drive to the site of the 2010 KTAI trade show in Primm, about 40 minutes west of Las Vegas. Day 1 […]

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