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Lee flies his quad line YFO

ProFile: Lee Sedgwick

Let’s start with some biography. I was born in a small town about 10 minutes from Erie, Pennsylvania, called Waterford, in 1955. I went to school there and started working at General Electric right out of high school. I’ve been working there ever since. It was one of the best things that ever happened to […]

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1989 Berlin, West Germany

ProFile: The Decorators

No one has been flying Revolution four-line kites in a team longer than London-based The Decorators… Featuring a veritable who’s who of team rotating members over their 20+ year history, they are still creating and pushing the envelope of Rev team flying and have served as an inspiration to many of the teams and fliers […]

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Custom Bayless Long Rok, Pastel Sun

ProFile: Kevin Bayless

A longtime kite maker and general kiting enthusiast, Kevin Bayless looks a bit like the Marlboro Man and favors designing his kites with very colorful patchwork layouts… This “lifer” is becoming increasingly creative with his kites and has really started to gain recognition over the past three years for his role as kite organizer at […]

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Guido Maiocchi 2003

ProFile: Guido Maiocchi

Recognized as one of the top quad line pilots in the world, Guido has been winning competitions and fans alike since the late 90’s… Some of our staff (myself included) are big fans ourselves, and have been chomping at the bit to learn more about this interesting character from Italy. With multiple European and Italian […]

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Daniel Prentice

Issue 78: ProFile: Daniel Prentice (pt 2)

Where have we been, and what’s on the horizon? In our last issue (#77), we started a two part interview with one of the most influential kite personalities over the past 30 years and we had the opportunity to ask him a little about where he came from, what inspired him to become a part […]

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Issue 77: ProFile: Daniel Prentice (pt 1)

A quiet force in kiting, part one… Before we get started, let us “summarize” a bit. Daniel Prentice has been integral to the kiting scene in the USA and indeed the entire world, for more years than many of you have been alive. He has created produced, and sold products – from line-winders, and kite-lines, […]

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Will Sturdy creating in his workshop

Issue 75: ProFile: Will Sturdy

It’s been nearly a year and a half since our last interview here at Kitelife and we figured what better opportunity for our next one, than with this young up-and-comer from Williamsburg, Virginia. Having quickly earned a name for himself as an excellent sport kite pilot and competitor, Will Sturdy is also an accomplished kite […]

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Issue 66: ProFile: Chris Goff

Dubbed “petite phenom” by some of his French competitors early on, Chris Goff has earned a reputation as one of the top dual line freestyle pilots in the world, with hand speed and combination abilities that would make anyone’s head spin. Now entering his 20’s, Chris is still very active on the European kite scene […]

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Issue 65: ProFile: Paul de Bakker

I first had the pleasure of meeting Paul de Bakker nearly four years ago in Lincoln City, Oregon. Paul was one of the “Invited Fliers” at the Indoor Kite Festival Lincoln City puts on each year, and we sort of hit it off so to speak. During that memorable event, Paul flew some of the […]

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Issue 61: ProFile: Joe Hadzicki

Editor’s note : When we first started out this year, John and I talked about getting Joe in for an interview with Geezer as a look back at Revolution’s 20 yer history in kiting. While it has taken some time to get it all together, we think you’ll find this to be a great look, […]

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