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Kite Festival Cancelled Due to Civil War

Excerpt from, in a kite feature from Yemen: A bunch of kids are running around outside, screaming and chasing each other, completely caught up in the moment. It’s a familiar scene in communities across the United States, but not so much in some of the world’s most intense conflict zones. Patrick McGrann would like […]

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Happy Endings with State Parks

I’ve used several of these pages to keep you informed about developments in the Oregon Parks Administrative Rules which could affect kite flying on our beaches. I think this stuff is important for those who fly here, have fiends who fly here, or who fly other places where such regulation could spread. See Update from […]

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Issue 81: Dave’s World – State Law

Some days it feels like I spend all my time fighting fires when what I really want to do is make and share kites, and relax occasionally with my wife. Fact is that I haven’t touched a kite all week. So though it may be a bit boring, I thought I woulkd share with you […]

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Issue 64: Dave’s World: Kite Copies

I recently received a letter from Robert Van Weers in New Zealand which he asked me to share with serious kite fliers. The letter was circulated January first and has since seen a great deal of discussion in various online forums and discussion groups. The issue is a serious one. We are kite designers and […]

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Issue 45: Tangents w/out Trivia

Yep, you read that right, a total ban of kite flying, and kite sales by the Supreme Court. BUT it isn’t the US Supreme Court I’m talking about it’s the Supreme Court of Pakistan. There are times when kitefliers in the USA complain about too many restrictions and safety regulations governing our hobby/sport. Much of […]

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