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Issue 3: 4play

They say music soothes the savage beast.  Trust me, a kite zipping through the sky can be just that.  Music makes the flight of our kites make sense.  In precision, we are assigned figures and anything else is simply supposed to be a transition from one move to the next, basically a fancy way of […]

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Issue 2: 4Play

Great!… you came back for a second look.  So, here we go, step two in flying quad line kites in competition.  The most consistent piece of advice I’ve heard and given as a flier and judge in quad competition is simply “make sure to use quad line maneuvers.”  Sounds too simple, but very vague. I’ve […]

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Issue 1: 4play

The first time I picked up a quad line kite, I practically was forced to do it. I was really just getting the hang of two line sport kites and wan2012ted to concentrate on that. A friend and fellow kiter, Jason Benedict, had just gotten a Rev II and was really excited about it. After some intense […]

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