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Issue 7: Doin’ it Indoors

In the last issue I discussed some ways to begin finding a place to fly indoors. I admit, this is not an easy task. Since then, I have made space on my web site for an indoor fliers’ registry. On it, I have put up the names and places where people currently fly indoors. Also, […]

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Issue 3: Doin’ it Indoors

In the last issue I covered some of the basics of indoor kite flying. This issue I will be discussing line and handle selection. Once you have chosen a kite, your next big decision is line. When I first started flying indoors a year ago everyone it seemed was using 50 pound test spectra line. […]

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Issue 2: Doin’ it Indoors

After I found out that you don’t use fans for indoor kite flying, I had to research three things: How it is accomplished. What kite to use. Where to fly. These are the basics of indoor kite flying. If this is old news to you, read on anyway…you never know what you might pick up. […]

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Issue 1: Doin’ It Indoors

So few activities in life give us as individuals an opportunity to express ourselves, to gesture from the heart. Dance and song have been with mankind since the beginning of time. In recent years, it has become increasingly popular to take cloth, stretch it over a frame, attach two or more lines and make it […]

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