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KTAI Best Kite Promotional Effort of 2010

Issue 76: Kites… Life.

What a great year we had for kiting in 2010! At least that’s my opinion… I don’t mean in terms of measurable growth, but in the little changes I’ve seen in the mentality at the 18 kite festivals I attended and how folks seem to be opening their minds a bit toward public outreach, especially […]

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Issue 75: Kites… Life.

In lieu of any pressing topics for my column this month, I’ve got a handful of news items and other recent projects which may be of interest… Video sharing just for kite fliers YouTube has definitely become the focal point for uploaded kite video online due to the fact it’s free to use, videos can […]

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1992 Stunt Kite Quarterly (SKQ) - California Open results

Issue 74: Kites… Life.

Competition, is it time to MIX it up? To provide a small disclaimer, this article is written from the viewpoint of a “lifer” in the kiting community, and that of someone who spent the better part of his 35 years on earth involved in sport kite competiton, both dual and quad line kites… It’s more […]

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Issue 73: Kites… Life.

One of my primary areas of focus and interest over the past 2-3 years is the obvious lack of cohesion and growth in the North American dual line kiting community, evidenced by less competitors, fewer dual line teams at World Championships and even fewer full time dual line teams in North America… Now bear in […]

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Issue 72: Kites… Life.

Welcome to my ramble zone, there’s no shortage this time around and I’m feeling a little blunt at the moment so here goes… One of the things I’ve become keenly aware of when I attend festivals is where the spectators and kitefliers actually meet or overlap during events, how often, in what context, etc, etc… […]

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Issue 71: Kites… Life.

Quite often, it seems like we’ve got more pans in the fire than one could possibly keep track of, but they all feel “right” if you know what I mean… As we work on projects in various areas of kiting, there always seem to be more ways we can get involved in growing and promoting […]

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Issue 70: Kites… Life.

Sitting alongside my wife, I’m starting this article at 35,000 feet somewhere over Arizona on my way to iQuad’s first major outdoor festival of the year in South Padre Island (TX) and I’m finding myself a little nostalgic so I hope you’ll bear with me, or not, feel free to skip on to the next article […]

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Issue 69: Kites… Life.

When i started flying in 1990 at the age of 15, I commonly pored over the pages of American Kite Magazine and Stunt Kite Quarterly following the exploits of my favorites pilots of the era such as Scott Aughenbaugh, Lee Sedgwick, Ron Reich and Miguel Rodriguez, all the while daydreaming about following in their footsteps […]

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Issue 68: Kites… Life.

Well, I’d like to speak about community, cooperation between the various walks of kiting be it dual, quad, single line, or big show kites… I was fortunate enough to visit Bogota, Colombia with iQuad this past August and was incredibly overwhelmed by the warmth and integration I saw between their various kite clubs and organizations! […]

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Issue 67: Kites… Life.

I’m looking forward to seeing this issue go live, as it will mean that I’m free to pack and prepare for my first visit to Colombia on August 4th… In addition to meeting lots of new people and finally putting faces to some names, iQuad is arriving a couple days before their festival to provide […]

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