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4 - Day of the Dead

Issue 81: News Reel

Bamboo Among the numerous Bamboo species found in Manipur, the Dulu variety grown in Jiribam has great demand for making kites.….0..111111.nov11 Cultures The Milwaukee holiday staple celebrates its 68th year Friday through Sunday with the theme “Celebrate Cultures Without Borders.” Kite-mania: Visitors can take imaginary flight through a display of kites from around the […]

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Issue 79: News Reel

Kiting news from around the world Adventure Eugene Novožeev and Konstantin Aksyonov have successfuly kite crossed the Bering Strait. The Russians kiteboarders are the first riders to complete this mission, after several attempts from other wind challengers. The cross of the Bering Strait is a 96-kilometre (56 miles) adventure. Novožeev, four-time Russian kiteboarding champion, and […]

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Issue 78: News Reel

Kiting news from around the world Culture: The east end ruled the island-wide unofficial ‘biggest kite’ contest, with a homemade Bermuda-style kite over 20 feet tall attracting plenty of attention at the annual Gilbert Lamb Family Fun Day at St. David’s County Cricket Club today. Video at below web site:…21-foot-kite-in-st-davids The kite maker, Ernest […]

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Issue 77: News Reel

Adventure: Two adventurous siblings from Iqaluit have begun a 3,000-kilometre trek in the Northwest Passage in the hopes of being the first to kiteski through the fabled Arctic route. In 2007, they completed a 2,300-kilometre kite-ski trip across Greenland. After that, they crossed the Gobi Desert by kite-buggy. “Antarctica and Greenland are exotic, and this […]

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Issue 76: News Reel

Community/Activism: “…The flying of angel-shaped kites marked the culmination of the Pink Purse campaign, a collaborative effort between the Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA) and supported by GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceutical (GSK), J.CO Donuts & Coffee, and G2 Kuala Lumpur to raise funds and provide access and support for breast cancer patients.”…/7841131&sec=health Documentary: “The event was […]

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Issue 75: News Reel

Commerce: Kabul, Afghanistan “Sometimes we sell up to 20,000 kites a day,” says Tamim, 35, who goes only by one name, and who has been selling kites for 20 years on Kabul’s busy market street, Strand Bazaar.”…in-kabul-happiness-flies-in-the-sky Danger: Aayush was flying kites with one of his friends when their kite got entangled in the […]

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Issue 74: News Reel

Afghanistan: “As I stood on the roof of the Ministry of Interior headquarters last evening in Kabul, waiting to make the trip across town to an Afghan National Security Forces and Independent Election Commission (IEC) joint press conference on the historic Parliamentary elections, my colleagues and I were struck by seeing the more than three […]

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Issue 73: News Reel

Canada: Despite fears of police response, a small group of protesters flew kites on a rooftop in Downtown Toronto to protest the G20 summit.   France: Happy 50th birthday, Etch A Sketch! “…Andre Cassagnes, an electrician in France and now a famous designer of kites, got the idea in 1955 after noticing how an […]

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Issue 72: News Reel

AFGHANISTAN-AMERICA: As a boy, Behrooz learned the craft and science behind kites, as did many children in Afghanistan. There were three kinds of kites: fighting, leisure and, for lack of a better term, luminary. AUSTRIAN: Dozens of passenger planes had to be diverted from Vienna International Airport (VIA) after an Austrian flew three kites […]

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Issue 71: News Reel

Japan: Shirone Kite Festival is a 360 year old kite festival which features kite battles between two villages across the Nakanokuchi River. Haiti: The kites are beautiful: some have layers of black and clear plastic forming diamonds and stars. Some have decorative edges, the plastic razor-sliced into piñata fringe. But they work, catching the breeze […]

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