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Issue 3: UK View

Hmmm, jet lag, ZZZZZZZZZZ…… I hate jet lag, but I love doing things that end up with jet lag as the result. Just got back from a trip to the US and boy did I have a good time. I was in the US for a couple of festivals, first I got over to Grandhaven […]

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Issue 2: UK View

Well the first festival of the year has come and gone. We were very lucky; most of the country seemed to be having real problems with the weather, but we sailed on through with just a small snow flurry at the end of the Saturday. The rest of the festival passed with sunshine and wind. […]

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Issue 1: UK View

We stand at the beginning of a new season and everything seems to be changing. The Teams we’ve seen around for the last few years seem to be dropping by the wayside and to take their place we have the largest selection of Pairs we’ve seen in many a year. There finally seems to be […]

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