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Issue 50: Summer Heat

After you’re into a competition season for a while, every event you attend begins to look just like every other event you’ve been to all season long. The same pilots, same events, same judges, scorekeepers, announcers, even the field setup looks the same. Same – same-same… all a bit of a blur! And that’s particularly […]

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Issue 50: Whidbey Island Kite Festival

Well, we’re off again – headed north this time, off to the annual Whidbey Island Kite Festival at the northern end of Puget Sound. And we’re late getting away as usual, so it’s the normal Friday afternoon traffic on northbound Interstate 5. John worked on his laptop all the way north, tinkering with iQuad logos […]

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2006 Washington State Intl Kite Festival (WSIKF): Daily Updates – Day 6

Yep, this one’s late… Couldn’t be helped, however. After nine days on the road, the last two of ‘em getting only 4-5 hours of sleep per night, I was just plain wiped out. So there comes a time when all I can envision is a bit of food, a hot shower, followed by my pillow. […]

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2006 Washington State Intl Kite Festival (WSIKF): Daily Updates – Day 5

Today was a most interesting day that started out with a 7:00 AM wake-up call. The first order of business was to reassemble a couple of Rev 1.5s so we could free up the shower curtain rod in order to get a quick shower. The Revs that flew in last evening’s night fly were so […]

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2006 Washington State Intl Kite Festival (WSIKF): Daily Updates – Day 4

WOW, what a day! It all started with a 6:45 alarm, followed by the extra nice Continental Breakfast here at the Super 8 in Long Beach, WA. They put on a fine morning spread, and we all had enough to eat. Good thing too, because it got to be a l-o-n-g day at the beach […]

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2006 Washington State Intl Kite Festival (WSIKF): Daily Updates – Day 3

Thursday… “Handcrafted Comprehensive Competition,” the program says, and further mentions that the rules and guidelines for comprehensive kitemaking competition as published by the American Kitefliers Association (AKA) will be used. Okay – good enough. We’ll get to them in a minute… The day broke with a medium overcast, maybe 700-800 feet up there, and not […]

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2006 Washington State Intl Kite Festival (WSIKF): Daily Updates – Day 2

Wednesday kicked off with a heavy bit of the classic northwest ocean mist we get here at times, and lasted until about 10 or 11am… From then on it was warm and mostly sunny, making for another amazing day on the beach. Although winds were light yet again, they were in the 3-4 mph range […]

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2006 Washington State Intl Kite Festival (WSIKF): Daily Updates – Day 1

Welcome to WSIKF! We arrived around 10pm on Sunday night, after driving up directly from the Summer Heat sport kite competition held in Ocean Shores over this past weekend… Checking into the Super 8, we settled in for what will undoubtedly be an amazing week of flying. Monday morning found us off to a slow […]

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Issue 49: Dave’s World: Lincoln City Summer Festival

Susie and I are used to driving to the airport on kite weekends. So it is something special when we can pile gear in the car and go straight to the field. And when that field is close enough to home that we can sleep in our own bed, it is extraspecial! Lincoln City kite […]

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Issue 49: Letters to the Editor

Although we get only the occasional “letter to Kitelife”, we’re always happy to receive them and share in this section of each issue. Your feedback is very important, as it gives us the best input on ways to improve, streamline or expand… Something we’re always trying to do. Consider this a personal invitation to write […]

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