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Issue 57: ProFile of Heads Up Kites

Did you happen to read the ProFile of Pam Kirk and Mike Dennis in the last Kitelife issue?  Well, if you haven’t done it, now’s a great time to do so!  Why?  Because Pam and Mike talked about their “early” days…  WAY back before things like “standoffs” didn’t exist, and even before Sport Kiting had […]

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Issue 57: ProFile: John Freeman

As Kitelife grows in readership, we’ve tried to keep looking for ways to expand the scope of the magazine. It probably is no huge surprise to hear me say Kitelife started out with a decidedly “Sport Kite” bias… So, one of the ways to expand our scope is for Kitelife to get into the NON-sport […]

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Issue 56: ProFile with Pam Kirk & Mike Dennis

One of the joys and delights of working on Kitelife is the opportunity to “interview” the noteworthy folks who’ve made a difference in kiting – or who are making a difference now. Well, this issue of Kitelife, you’ll get to meet Pam Kirk and Mike Dennis from San Diego. And this couple has been involved […]

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Issue 51: ProFile with Zach Gordon

We’re sitting around the Kitelife office before we head off the the AKA Convention / Grand Nationals. I was trying to prep a little, going through last year’s competition scores on the AKA website. John Barresi normally doesn’t “handicap” any comp events ahead of time, but I decided I’d try and get a little information […]

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Issue 50: ProFile: Jon Trennepohl

Jon Trennepohl has been around sport kiting for a while…  And if you’ve not had or made the chance to shake his hand and say “Thanks,” you really should do it.  We can’t think of any portion of the sport of kiting where Jon hasn’t somehow been involved, or in several cases, led the way… […]

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Issue 50: ProFile: Carl Robertshaw

One of the true greats of kiting, Carl has definitely made his mark in kiting history… As a member of world champion team Airkraft, winning multiple European championships of his own, as one of the top kite designers in the world, and as a very fine and generous (if not occasionally off-color) fellow. But Carl […]

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Issue 47: ProFile: Egan Davis

Although relatively new by “pro standards”, Egan Davis has been making waves as a competitive flier since the middle of last year! He’s got a few more years of flying than that behind him, but he’s really come into his own as of late.  One of my favorite pilots to watch, he has a style […]

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Issue 45: ProFile – David Gomberg

As a “pup” with only 15 years of kiting behind me, it seems like David Gomberg has always been a part of the community I love so much. Whether he’s filling the sky with colorful nylon in various shapes, calling the shots as world champion sport kite fliers duke it out, charging across the field […]

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Issue 45: ProFile – Stephanie Hiebert

As one of the true “workhorses” in modern sport kiting, Stephanie Hiebert is seemingly always on the run and notoriously hard to get a photo of, for that very reason. Whether she’s working with the Eastern League, field directing, helping with scoring, organizing a competition or whatever else it may be, Stephanie lends a definite […]

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Issue 7: ProFile – Peter De Jong

PERSONAL DETAILS : Location : Werkhoven, the Netherlands. Age : 47 Web Site : Occupation : Kitemaker whenever I can. Favorite Food : BB & R (try figuring that one out …) Favorite Music : The Band, Alberta Hunter and Tom Waits Favorite Magazines : Drachen Magazin Kite Book : No argument here ….. […]

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