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Indoor Kite Flying Adventure

Indoor kite flying offers a big window for expansion in the science and art of kite flying. Its unique features such as close contact with the audience, theatrical dramatization, team work and being weather proof, offer endless possibilities to crowd pleasing shows and gratification to kiters and show designers. With that in mind I produced […]

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E1.Dunford Flying Machine

Some Fodder for Creativity

In my last article for KiteLife I wrote about the importance of not plagiarizing original designs of kite makers (at least not without permission!) but this month I am making a case for learning from replicating archival designs that are part of the public domain.   I’ve made it a point to avoid making this column […]

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Dots in Cervia 8

Dave’s World: Dots in Cervia

Variety and creativity are often hallmarks of European kite festivals, and the kite makers at Cervia 2012 excelled!  None more so than Anke Sauer, whose “Dot Project” showed just what you can achieve with “only paper, glue and string”. Combining origami, engineering, imagination, perseverance and incredible patience Anke created six kites.  Each one measures about […]

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Mrs. Kemp (left) stands with  her 6th period class around the Waccamaw Warrior ending a fun and successful kite day where all of Mrs. Kemp’s classes flew kites with 100% of all kites flying high.  Ahh, this must prove that the kites were of good symmetry and congruent.  Personally, I think it was just fun.  Way to go Mrs. Kemp and classes.

History and Geometry of Kites

Lesson by Jacqueline Kemp and Alan W. Pritchard What does congruent mean?  What does symmetry mean and what can you do with the knowledge in real life?  These are just some of the questions Jackie Kemp hears all the time as a 9th grade math/Geometry Teacher at Waccamaw High School.  Mrs. Kemp wanted to do […]

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Kieron Jansch

Videos: Kite Making by Kieron Jansch (1-3)

Having just seen the third in his series ourselves, we thought our readers might enjoy these very popular videos by Kieron Jansch… Kite Making from Kieron Jansch on Vimeo. I’m often asked where I got the kite I happen to be flying; the answer is that I make them. This generally leads into a long […]

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Issue 78: BCKA Kitemaking Seminar

I first heard about this event when Nigel Spaxman emailed me and wanted information regarding the Papillion Kite I had flown at Long Beach International Kite Festival 2010. Mine was built by Kelvin Woods but the original design was by Didier Ferment. Its unique flying characteristics were bound to capture the interests of the Spaxman […]

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Will Sturdy creating in his workshop

Issue 75: ProFile: Will Sturdy

It’s been nearly a year and a half since our last interview here at Kitelife and we figured what better opportunity for our next one, than with this young up-and-comer from Williamsburg, Virginia. Having quickly earned a name for himself as an excellent sport kite pilot and competitor, Will Sturdy is also an accomplished kite […]

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Issue 74: Build a D-Stix Tetrahedral

When I was a junior in high school I became obsessed with the geometry of the fourth dimension. I later turned that obsession into an award-winning science/math fair project, but at 16 it was just a weird fun thing to be enthusiastic about. In the process of reading books like The Fourth Dimension Simply Explained, […]

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Issue 71: Rokkaku Workshop

Okay, we’re on our way again. This time, it’s Theresa Norelius and I – on our way to a Build-A-Kite Workshop at the World Kite Museum in Long Beach, Washington on that mid-February three-day weekend, “President’s Day Weekend.” And so, a couple of hours on Friday afternoon saw us headed over to Long Beach and […]

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Issue 71: Kite Plan – Crowell Cross Deck

I am not sure how everyone else builds kites, but I will assume that anyone wanting to build this kite will know how to sew and will have some familiarity with the materials used. TOOLS Hot knife Sewing machine Poster board 1/8”-diameter fiberglass rod, about 4’ long ( for pattern making) Cyanoacrylate (“super”) glue Stick […]

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