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Issue 70: Kite Trade Association Intl Trade Show

Arriving early in the morning on Monday, Takako and I took the opportunity to explore some of Las Vegas before meeting up with Ben D’Antonio, Joe and Dave Hadzicki later in the evening for our drive to the site of the 2010 KTAI trade show in Primm, about 40 minutes west of Las Vegas. Day 1 […]

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Issue 69: REVisions – The Zen of Rev Flying!

Christmas came a wee bit early for 100s of Revolution flyers this year. On November 24th (2 days earlier than I expected honestly!), Revolution Kites officially released the Revolution Zen, a new kite developed by Barry Poulter and John Barresi over the last year. Designed from the start to be the ultimate low wind Rev, […]

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Issue 66: REVisions – Summer Swing!

It never fails, I always end up writing Revisions in some odd location a wee bit crunched for time and no idea where to start! This issue’s odd location? Seat 35B on Delta Flight 3516, heading to Grand Haven, MI, via Minneapolis/Chicago. This is my third trip to the illustrious festival; however, I’ll write about […]

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Issue 64: KTAI Trade Show

Attending my fourth trade show in as many years, this is always one of my personal favorites to attend and a high priority for the Kitelife travel schedule. In my experience, the trade show provides completely different look at the industry and kiting community, compared to simply seeing the “front end” at festivals, fun flies, competitions, […]

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Issue 63: REVisions RECapped

This time last year, I was rambling on about the coming year’s events for Revolution’s 20th anniversary. Some days, that seems like just yesterday, but, at other moments, it seems like it was an awfully long time ago, especially as John and I first chattered about such an idea back in 2006 for the first […]

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Issue 58: Goin’ Across the River to KTAI

Somehow, this just doesn’t feel right…  I mean, this IS a “kiting” event, right? And for me that normally means one or two days of packing and a day on the road, then the combined delight of staying somewhere “temporary” and the event itself, all followed by the return trip and the unpack and doing […]

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Issue 56: REVisions: Quad Potpourri

Having drawn a complete blank on something “specific” to write about for Revisions in this issue (despite asking a couple of people for ideas), I’m choosing the time honored article style that I call “a quad potpourri”. There’s certainly been no lack of things going on in the world of quad kites, so, I’ll touch […]

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2007 KTAI Trade Show in Albuquerque NM – Day 4

Good evening folks… Although the main portion of trade show came to a close last night with the awards banquet, a full day of product demonstrations was scheduled for those who wished to stay and try out some of the kites on display at this years trade show. People gathered on the Fiesta Balloon field […]

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2007 KTAI Trade Show in Albuquerque NM – Day 3

Oh man, this morning was a tough one but after a little oatmeal and a lot of coffee, I started to get the cobwebs shaken loose, and just in time. At 8am, I joined David Gomberg to give a seminar for KTAI members, educating them about running a web business… Why a site is useful, […]

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2007 KTAI Trade Show in Albuquerque NM – Day 2

Wow, what a full day! I’ll tell you, this may be one of the smallest trade shows I’ve seen in my last three years of attending (18 exhibitors and 30-something retailers), but the general mood on the show room floor today was also one of the best I’ve seen in the last two years… Those […]

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