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Issue 1: Kites… Life.

WELCOME to the first issue of Kitelife! We hope you enjoy it; we have had a lot of fun putting it together. If we have done our jobs, this will be a lasting resource for all kiters, and for those who are curious about kiting. When I bought my first kites in ’91 (a 4′ […]

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Sled Kite Plan

Issue 1: Tangents and Trivia

These pages will document the wanderings of a confessed kite addict. I’ve learned an awfully lot about kiteflying over the last twenty-five years. I’m going to take you all along that tangent and hopefully pass along a little trivia about what I’ve learned over those years. I have to warn everyone right off the bat […]

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Issue 1: Tip Stand

When asked to write a column for Kitelife, I thought, “What can I possibly say about sport kiting that hasn’t been said before, by far better writers?” By no stretch of the imagination am I a writer. But I am a flier. I do design and build sport kites. And I have a deep and […]

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Issue 1: Fugedaboudit

For those of you who don’t get the Donnie Brasco reference, “Fugedaboudit” is the sort of term that can mean different things to different people, and an obvious allusion to my Brooklyn origins. Al Pacino explains in the movie, that sometimes Fugedaboudit even means Fugedaboudit. I suppose it’s only fair to cover some nomenclature, or […]

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Issue 1: 4play

The first time I picked up a quad line kite, I practically was forced to do it. I was really just getting the hang of two line sport kites and wan2012ted to concentrate on that. A friend and fellow kiter, Jason Benedict, had just gotten a Rev II and was really excited about it. After some intense […]

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The Pfaff 6232 is a great new model for them, all the necessary tools are at your finger tips.... If you can afford it go for it!

Issue 1: Welcome to the Machine

This is where it all happens: the masterpieces, the joy, the frustrations and the nervous breakdowns. If you’re going to be making kites, especially those with pesky ripstop patchwork/appliqué, you will be spending a lot of time at the machine. I suggest you arm yourself with a lot of patience and get luck on your […]

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Issue 1: Dave’s World – Weifang

The first time I traveled overseas, it changed my life. I was on my way to the Weifang International Kite Festival and the adrenaline rush had kept me awake most of the flight. After fifteen hours in the air, we landed in Beijing and then connected directly to the train station for a twelve hour […]

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Issue 1: Novice Class

Initial Greetings Thank you for stopping by the novice’s corner. This purpose of this column is to provide information to individuals who are new to the sport and recreation of kiting. Please note that I said sport AND recreation of kiting. First and foremost, flying kites should be FUN! However, there is a competitive side […]

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Issue 1: UK View

We stand at the beginning of a new season and everything seems to be changing. The Teams we’ve seen around for the last few years seem to be dropping by the wayside and to take their place we have the largest selection of Pairs we’ve seen in many a year. There finally seems to be […]

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Issue 1: Doin’ It Indoors

So few activities in life give us as individuals an opportunity to express ourselves, to gesture from the heart. Dance and song have been with mankind since the beginning of time. In recent years, it has become increasingly popular to take cloth, stretch it over a frame, attach two or more lines and make it […]

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