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Issue 4: Kites… Life.

In the last six weeks, I have been fortunate enough to attend four great festivals, and talk to many readers of the magazine. We received a lot of great suggestions and ideas…be assured we will consider each and every one, after all, we are a magazine BY and FOR kiters. One comment that we received […]

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Issue 4: Doin’ It Indoors

Hopefully, those of you who have been following this column have by now at least tried indoor flying or have been flying indoors for some time. In this article, I will give you a “how to” on a basic move for a dual and a quad line kite. I will also be doing a review […]

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Issue 4: Novice Class

Welcome to the Novice’s Corner for July. While generating ideas for a topic… it seemed appropriate to  devote this month’s column to flying in light wind conditions. Living in Richmond Virginia means that I have struggled with many light wind days on the kite field at Dorey Park. Light wind flying is very different from […]

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Issue 4: 4 Play

What is Happening Inside That Yellow Tape???? Music is ready.  Routine is ready.  You think you have all you need to compete.  The big question is, “what happens next?” The Basics Registration.  Sounds simple, but too many of us do not register on time for competitions.  This leads to confusion and stress that you do […]

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Issue 4: Buggy Newz

So… You want to go buggy, huh? It sure does look like a lot of fun… But (I hear you say) is it dangerous? Buggies are a really fun way to sail on the land, powered by kites. The danger is only when a rider gets into situations beyond their skill level or knowledge. I […]

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Issue 4: Notes from a Broad – West to East to West Again

I met Miriam Schafler at the 1997 OKR Retreat and as we kept meeting at various festivals, a plan emerged. We would drive to Junction in 1998, camping in her tent trailer in inexpensive campgrounds. Back from Australia only ten days, I packed up and drove from Vancouver Island to Eugene, Oregon to start the […]

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Issue 4: The New World Cup

Analysis by Bert Tanaka – A NEW RULE BOOK? Recently, AJSKA, AKA and STACK completed the first draft of a collaborative effort to produce the new International Rules Book. At the same time, Hans Jansen op de Haar, chief judge of the World Cup event announced on his website that the next World Cup will […]

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Issue 4: NFKA Fighters

Today NFKA had its June meeting/fly at Ocean Shores, WA and it was a great success! Sun, wind and lots of grins on the faces of happy fighter fliers! Winds were light in the morning and increasing to about 17 mph late in the afternoon. 8 of us decided to do a round robin competition, […]

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Issue 4: Mid-American SKC

Shootout at the K’zoo Corral or….”Same Fun, More Points” (quote from Russ Faulk) From its first occurrence in 1991, the Mid-American Sportkite Classic has been a highlight for Midwest sportkite competitors. The event organizers, John Cosby and Elaine DeRoover have made this event seem like a family picnic (quite an extended family, perhaps dysfunctional in […]

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Issue 4: Best of Rec.Kites

Written by John Doe Welcome to The Best Of REC.KITES! We are attempting to extract the best postings from our favorite newsgroup and publish them here for your convenience. We will be experimenting with the format and presentation so please be patient with us. Your suggestions are always welcome. Rod Thrall Steve Rezac Tanya Adams […]

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