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Issue 5: Kites…Life

The Schoolyard Bully, The Village Idiot, and Kiting on the Internet Provocative title, eh? After reading the first draft of my intended article, I decided that you would be better served if I canned it. Those who frequent the main Internet gathering places for kitefliers will know WHAT and WHOM I was referring to with […]

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Issue 5: Dave’s World

World Cup IX – The Best One Yet? I’ve been looking forward to the World Cup in Dieppe for many months now. It seems like a strong group of American spectators are headed over. I’m not surprised. More than most years, I think the ’98 Cup has the potential for drama and entertainment – both […]

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Issue 5: Tangents and Trivia

A History Lesson CHAPTER FIVE – “HOW FAR WILL YOU DRIVE FOR A KITE FESTIVAL?” The Chicagoland Sky Liners applied for chapter affiliation to the American Kitefliers Association as soon as we became a club and elected officers. The AKA was the National organization for kiteflying, and the AKA hosted the Grand Nationals and the Convention. […]

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Issue 5: UK View

So what have I been up to for the last couple of months? Some of you that read rec.kites or have bumped in to me will know, I fractured my wrist and that kept me out of action for a while. But watch out, I’m back and busting to play. Well I think the last […]

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"Brown", by Ray

Issue 5: Kitemaker Profile – Ray and Gail Wilmer

Now that Kitelife has gone bi-monthly, I will try to include profiles on more than one kitemaker in each edition. In which case, there are separate articles for each kitemaker. Last month I introduced you to Neil Taylor from Western Australia ….. I follow that up in this issue with an interview from a husband […]

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Issue 5: Kitemaker Profile 2 – Richard Gareau

Now that Kitelife has gone bi-monthly, I will try to include profiles on more than one kitemaker in each edition. In which case, there are separate articles for each kitemaker. This profile looks at Richard Gareau from Laval, Quebec in Canada. Richard has earned quite a name for himself as a fighter kite manufacturer and […]

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Issue 5: Novice Class

Thanks again for joining me in Novice Class. I would like to introduce you to some great Novice kite fliers that I have had the opportunity to get to know through the Eastern League events. Hopefully, this column will prompt readers from other areas of the country to contact me ( with information on Novice […]

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Issue 5: Buggy Newz

Hey again… This time let’s talk about the differences between two and four line power kites and their use as buggy engines. Where ever you see buggies, quads seem to be the popular engine of choice among buggy riders. Does that mean they are the best for the job? Not necessarily. The four-line quads are […]

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Issue 5: Visual Eyes

Taking The Photo Before You Take The Photo: Previsualize For the past couple of months I’ve been talking about camera equipment, features, and camera handling. Now I’m going to delve into the meat of kite photography and photography itself: photo composition. Over the next few articles, I’ll be discussing different elements of composition. Composition is […]

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Issue 5: 4 Play

Murphy’s Law Well, here we are again.  This time, yes I did it, I am a happily married kite flier.  After the big wedding my thoughts have gone back to the wedding day over and over.  In doing so, and then in trying to write my next column, I thought of all the things that […]

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