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Issue 7: Visual Eyes

  A course in basic photographic technique. Space and Depth Space, the final frontier. Well, not really, but space is quite important in photography. Space in photography is really linked to depth, and that all relates to Depth Of Field. Depth Of Field is the amount of focus you have in a photo. By using […]

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Issue 7: Tangents and Trivia

Fish or Fowl? Tangent or Trivia? CHAPTER SEVEN – How many kites are there? In the 1800’s William Eddy designed a kite that became the most commonly recognized kite in the World. Mr. Eddy constructed a diamond shaped kite which was named after him. William Eddy was also the first kiteflier to attach several of […]

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Issue 7: South Padre Kite Festival

Time To Soar SPI Kite Fest Takes to Air event report by Jim Geyerman Of the few complaints directed at South Padre Island, lack of wind is usually not one of them. It was, however, a critical missing factor at the Fourth Annual South Padre Island Kite Fest held on the flats, just north of […]

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Issue 7: Reader Feedback

Musings, from November KiteLife I don’t disagree with anything much that Elain had to say. I believe kite festivals are best served by having the most accessable displays. That means lots of big single line stuff and maybe some ballet flying. Figure flying and freestyle/trick stuff is just way too inpenetrable for the un-initiated. Kite […]

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Issue 7: Picture Gallery

Photo of the Month This photo proves as fact the wise words from my grandpa… “Son, stay away from those kiteskiers, they’re crazy”. Names withheld to protect the guilty. Andy Gelinas Jim Aune Photos from Silver Wings Fest, Wichita, KS

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Issue 7: ProFile – Peter De Jong

PERSONAL DETAILS : Location : Werkhoven, the Netherlands. Age : 47 Web Site : Occupation : Kitemaker whenever I can. Favorite Food : BB & R (try figuring that one out …) Favorite Music : The Band, Alberta Hunter and Tom Waits Favorite Magazines : Drachen Magazin Kite Book : No argument here ….. […]

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Issue 7: Novice Class

Tips and hints for the new sportkite competitor. Greetings and welcome to Novice Class. This month’s topic is the AKA Convention and Grand Nationals, held in early October in Ocean Shores Washington. This was my second AKA Convention and Grand Nationals. There are some things that I feel are important and the “first timer” should […]

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Issue 7: “No Secrets” Trains

THE  “NO SECRETS” HANDBOOK OF SINGLE LINE KITE TRAINS by Al Hargus INTRODUCTION Most kite trains that I make are constructed in basically the same manner. Similar materials are used, and construction techniques are the same. In the first section of this handbook I will give you the basic techniques for constructing any kite train. […]

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Issue 7 – Kiting News

compiled from staff and reader submissions Help a Reader Lisa Stambaugh recently wrote us the following letter, which made me shudder. Imagine if this happened to you!     “I thought maybe you could help me out. My kite bag was stolen from my car last week. I’m sure it was a random act and certainly […]

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Issue 7: Kites…Life

Are you an AKA member? Why Not? The value of an AKA membership continues to grow. “Kiting”, the bi-monthly publication that all AKA members receive continues to grow with each issue. Roger Chewning, the “Kiting” editor and his staff are doing a fabulous job. Liability insurance, annual convention, and many more benefits will be yours […]

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