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Issue 21: AKA Corner

I hope you are all noticing a new level of excitement, involvement, and activity within the AKA over the past few months. Certainly the Board members have noticed as they have taken on new projects and commitments designed to make membership more worthwhile and kiting more fun. Here are just a few examples. We are […]

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Issue 21 (March 2001): Kitemaker Profile – Peter Schittek

Hi readers, welcome back to another issue of Kitemaker Profile. I have been aware that I have not had many kitemakers from Europe featured in my columns, so in 2001 I am going to try and feature more, starting this month. It is my pleasure to profile a kite maker from Berlin, Germany – Peter […]

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Issue 21 (March 2001): Tangents and Trivia

Spring! When gentleman (and lady) kitefliers thoughts turn lightly to Kite Flying, much to the chagrin of their partners and spouses. OK, LET’S TRY TO GET ORGANIZED! In the flying seasons of 1985 and 1986 many kitefliers across the country were traveling a very different route then the rest of the average “Fun Fliers.” There […]

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Issue 21: Ray’s Adventures

My 3rd Kites On Ice Adventure 2001 Madison Wisconsin, USA This festival just keeps getting bigger and better each year, this being the best yet in spite of colder temperature and lighter wind than in the two previous years. Once again everything came together like clock work, due to the fine organization by Linda Underwood […]

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Issue 21 (March 2001): Dave’s World

Igottwentydoiheartwentyfive……..Big Assawoman, the Stapled Condom, and Other Memories Auctions — I love doing auctions. I love the challenge of trying to turn a well intentioned donation into cash for a good cause, to keep things moving along, and to make fun of my friends all at the same time. Yes, I admit that I sometimes […]

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