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2003 AKA Convention and Grand Nationals (Day 6)

The final evening of our annual convention… I’m bringing a close to our daily updates and would like to invite you all to the the next one to be held in Seaside Oregon, very close to our home office in Portland. But first I’ll make sure to close this properly, and summate as best I […]

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2003 AKA Convention and Grand Nationals (Day 5)

Friday morning there were teams practicing all over the place… 9 masters teams came from all over the country to represent their regions. After the pilots meeting was held at 12pm we had an  brief but exclusive opportunity to get on the roof of the Air Force Museum for some arial-style photos as you can […]

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2003 AKA Convention and Grand Nationals (Day 4)

It was a relief not to have any outdoor sport kite competitions scheduled today, as the weather supposedly hit 32 degrees on the field last night and part of this morning… Our morning began with some more workshops and the Sport Kite Symposium, where whoever wants to can attend and pose questions to the AKA’s […]

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2003 AKA Convention and Grand Nationals (Day 3)

Wednesday morning brought crystal blue skies and a steady 4-6mph breeze again, but was still quite chilly with most fliers favoring jackets until working up a sweat flying… By mid-afternoon it had picked up to a slightly choppy 15-20mph for the various events. Before competition began most of the MIB and MIP competitors could be […]

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2003 AKA Convention and Grand Nationals (Day 2)

As things are winding down I find myself glowing from a full day of excellent kiting with representatives in attendance from all over the country… It’s been a long one, so bear with my second report. In progress as I headed out to the air strip were the first workshops of this year’s convention, including […]

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2003 AKA Convention and Grand Nationals (Day 1)

While we didn’t originally plan to include Monday in the nightly updates, I arrived in Columbus a couple hours early on Sunday and decided to ride down with my old buddy Mike Gillard to get a jump on the action… Although there wasn’t a whole lot to report, I somehow got a wild hair wedged […]

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