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Issue 32: From the Editor

What a year it’s been! Since starting the Satori Kites project back in October and taking over Kitelife in January, I’ve had absolutely the best time traveling and talking with fliers from all around the country… There are a whole lot of you out there, I would very much like to thank you all for […]

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Issue 32: AKA Corner

I must have had fun at the convention because I’m exhausted! Susie and I are still trying to catch up from the administrative loose ends, new product ideas, special requests, orders, and a whole slug of emails. Yep — we definitely must have had fun. For those of you interested in such things, there were […]

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Issue 32: Dave’s World: WSIKF

Long Beach Washington this year bosted a really big American Flag that was flown at Long Beach. And when we say “big”, we mean really, really BIG! The kite was 65 feet wide and 110 feet long and weighed over 100 pounds. That’s over 7000 square feet! So to put it in proper perspective, think […]

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Issue 32: Dave’s World: Wind Celebration

Sounds pretty exotic, doesn’t it?? Jump on a plane and jet down to the South of France for a few days of sunny kite flying. Such a life! And despite the rigors of international travel, it was a pretty darned fine weekend! We spent time with good friends, drank plenty of wine, and aired out […]

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Issue 32: Team Tirades – Team Spirit

This edition of Team Tirades inspired me to discuss the things that really make a team go… Throw aside the kites, the gear and the routine… What do you have? A handful of humans trying to accomplish the same thing. One of the binding aspects of a team is realization, and perspective because you are […]

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Issue 32: ProFile with Ray Bethell

Having met Ray Bethell back in 1990 when I was at the tender age of 15, he quickly became one of my role models as I watched him from event to event for over more than a decade myself… With an inner spirit that naturally warms you, makes you feel immediately familiar and want to […]

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Issue 32: Blowing in the Wind

Hello again… This issue I’m offering you a look at a pair of works by one of my favorite kite authors – Jan Anderson. Believe it or not, I met Jan through a kite forum on the Internet. I enjoyed her work a great deal, so I emailed her to say thanks. We got to […]

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Ray grins and gives his trademark thumbs up... Good Stuff!

Issue 32: Ray Does it Again!

This has to be the classic of the 8 years that my wife and I has attended this festival, weather and wind-wise my wife Gerri and I fly pairs using stacks of 9 Dyna kites we never missed a days flying the whole week we were there, and it was again a thrill and an […]

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Issue 32: A Fine Gathering on Kite Hill

Shucks, just another normal summer day in the upper left-hand corner of the map – even though the upper RIGHT-hand corner is suffering a massive power outage right now. Not a cloud in the sky here, temps around 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and a decent breeze out of the northwest. So I think I’ll go hang […]

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Issue 32: Flying on Mt Hood

“Hey Wonder Boy, let’s go to Mount Hood and fly our kites” “Go where?” “Mount Hood… up on the snow… in AUGUST!” “You are crazy Dude…that sounds like an adventure… What about Colleen and Connor?” “Take them with us… a family that flies together stays together” “Dude… I am not family” ”You are now!” Alan […]

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